my fitness health diet journey

My Fitness/Diet Journey

**Trigger Warning: This could be triggering to people with eating disorders.** We're all on our own journey. This is mine. An ongoing journey of realization and improvement. When I was as little as 3 years old, I did ballet, and continued to do so until sometime in elementary. At 8 year old I started figure… Continue reading My Fitness/Diet Journey

full moon round booty 2020

Full Moon Workout To Turn This Year Around Tonight is a full moon, and we are in the middle of 2020. The middle of an objectively bad year. With this video, I want to start my journey of turning this year around. I want to shift this year into something positive, and I hope that my attempt in doing so will inspire… Continue reading Full Moon Workout To Turn This Year Around

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On Scamming

Scammers. Why do they exist? Recently I was offered a job for this ID protection company. It was a telemarketing job recruiting via an external–also shady–company. The first thing I did when offered the job (I had applied to many telemarketing jobs), was looking up the company online.  You may wonder, why did I not… Continue reading On Scamming


Enjoying The View

Many things have changed recently. The whole world is shifting towards something better – on a person level, it's changing even more. Why?  Many reasons. Among which are mainly... I couldn't fulfill my plans this year because of Covid-19 (getting married, moving to Canada...).My house burned down (yes, the whole freaking building and my whole family is … Continue reading Enjoying The View