Pre-Pregnancy Checklist

This is a checklist that I’ve prepared to be ready for my own pregnancy. My goal is for it to be as comprehensive as possible, and that other women planning to be pregnant will find it useful as well.

Have you been pregnant, and have something to add? Or do you have something that I haven’t mentioned on your list? If there is anything you would like me to add, please write it in the comments 🙂

The Checklist:

  • Take Folic Acid Supplements (400 mcg).
  • Find a midwife/doctor — any licensed person who can guide you through a safe pregnancy, that you feel comfortable with.
  • Have a prenatal checkup.
  • Eat healthy food.
  • Don’t drink alcohol.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Don’t do drugs.
  • Exercise consistently and moderately.
  • Lose or gain weight to achieve a healthy BMI (18.5-25) — but not too much at once!
  • Be aware of any health conditions you have — mental or physical — and talk about it with a doctor to find out about any additional steps you may need to take.
  • Ask a doctor about immunization.
  • Learn about things to avoid while pregnant (X-Rays, certain chemical products, etc.). Make sure that you don’t use any of them while pregnant.
  • Learn about your family’s medical history (Oh boy, mine’s a mess. We have diabetes, ulcerative colitis and more… but luckily I have escaped all of them, perfectly healthy.) If you are healthy like me, it doesn’t mean that you can’t pass on your family’s genetic diseases to the baby, but you can talk to your doctor about how to make the best of it.
  • See a dentist (ugh… don’t want to do this one.)
  • Limit caffeine intake.
  • Prepare a baby budget.
  • Look into your benefits (paid pregnancy leave, etc.)
  • Spend quality time with your partner (You may laugh at me if you’ve already had a baby, but we’re planning on doing this even after the baby is born. Are we naive?)
  • Prepare your pet so that he/she doesn’t feel neglected when the baby is born.
  • Stop taking the pill, if you are (I never have, so this doesn’t apply to me).
  • Learn to recognize ovulation (Read more about how to do that here.)
  • Ask your doctor about prescribed medications, if you have any. They might be bad for pregnancy.
  • Find out about what blood group you and your partner have. If one of you is negative and the other positive, you may have to be extra careful during conception. (What? O.O)
  • Check for breast cancer.
  • Have a pap smear.
  • Look into health insurance.
  • Have a parenting talk with your partner.
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Try to lower stress (Tips on that here.)
  • Review your housing situation — will you need a bigger place for the baby?
  • Listen to other people talk about their pregnancies (I do that on YouTube. There is plenty of good stuff.)
  • Get your guy to wear boxers if he’s wearing briefs.
  • Also get him to eat healthy and not smoke/drink/drugs.
  • Get tested for sexually transmitted infections.
  • Read books and articles about pregnancy.

The Bump has another great checklist.

Please comment if you would like me to add something! 🙂


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