The Issue Of My Irregular Period

We’re planning to conceive a honeymoon baby on July 5th 2020 (next year), which I am very much looking forward to.

However, I am also concerned about my irregular periods.

They’ve always been irregular, ever since they started, but I’ve never thought much about it.

It’s not the irregularity per se that bothers me, but the fact that one only has as many ovulations as they do periods — meaning, fewer periods = fewer ovulations.

In the autumn last year I skipped 3 periods in one go. In February this year, I skipped a month. That’s pretty normal for me (though the 3 months was pretty long).

Even without skipping, which doesn’t really happen that often, they’re quite far apart. Usually, my cycle is somewhere between 34-40 days. If it hasn’t come by day 40, it has likely just skipped.

On average, according to that data, I probably have around 10 periods a year, which means 10 ovulations, and 10 chances at getting pregnant.

I suppose that’s not too bad. But still. It could be just 9 times, or 8.

The reason why I’m thinking about it now is because it’s October 4th, and my last period was in the end of September. As I have just gotten tender boobs (which I tend to get 2 weeks before it starts), I assume it will come in the middle of October.

Just out of curiosity, and with the naive assumption that my period could be fairly regular until our honeymoon, I did a quick calculation.

So, let’s say my next period begins at October 19th.

Then let’s say they went on to be on November 23, December 28, February 1, March 7, April 11, May 16, June 20…. (counting 35 days for each cycle).

If that ends up anything accurate, I might actually ovulate at some point during our honeymoon 😮

Maybe even with some 40 day or skipped cycles thrown in there.

Well, all I can do is put it out there into the universe that the 5th of July is the D-Day.

Maybe I’ll look into some tips about how to regularize them, but as I’m already exercising moderately, eating healthy and all that, I don’t know if it will do much. As for regular exercise, I can’t really do a better try than I am now, even if I’m failing (I do try).

The main cause is probably my general low weight.

It’s currently 40 kg (for a height of 148.5 cm, so it’s not too bad) but that’s higher than it was last year. However, I lost about 1 kg since this summer, after changing my diet into a plant based one (which could also have contributed to my current “late” period — I don’t say late, because, well, you know).

And yes, I should consult a doctor **sigh**

I will, I will. **sighs again**

I just hate calling people.

So wish me luck 😂

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