Immigration Musings #1

moving to canada immigrating

I’ve read a lot about the topic of immigrating to Canada. In particular the spousal sponsorship category. Really, I’ve spent hours and hours doing online research, so much that I, at some points, almost feel like an expert. However, always comes a cog in the wheel that I have overlooked. This is a given, which is why I review everything multiple times.

Tonight, I have encountered the problem of eTA. Naive as I was, I assumed that the electronic Travel Authorization that is valid for 5 years permitted one to stay in the country for all of that time.

I understood the 6 months maximum time of visit as something that could be used multiple times, by, say, travelling across the border and then back again.

Wrong. (Edit: I seem to have been wrong. It appears that it’s not 6 months total for the five years.)

It is 6 months in total.

So here I am, in the middle of the night, sipping ashwagandha (an Indian adaptogen herb) in excess in order not to get emotional–doing research, trying to find loopholes, alternatives… basically the same thing that I’ve done for the past month, ever since we decided on meeting in February, as well as the wedding in July.

I thought about us living here for a year, but Sweden has its own set of rules that seem even harder to get around. I thought about staying in a completely different country until my permanent residence application process is completed. But they don’t seem to add up.

I even thought about Working Holiday, but as I am a full time post graduate student, increasing my workload may be a bad thing. More research needed.

We just want to be together, and after (multiple times, over a two year’s period of time) weighing several alternatives, we decided that Canada is our best option.

And, lo and behold! My research has assured me that (maybe) we can stay in Canada while the application is processing.

One can, apparently, extend one’s eTA, and hopefully that will work out for me, for the required duration. Whether it will or not, I have almost a year until I find out. If it doesn’t work (but let’s hope it does), I will have to do further research.

This is pure problem solving. I’ve never liked the math type, and I can’t say I like these neverending cogwheels and overlookings that I am so prone of, but one thing I have learned during the past month is how much I’ve changed.

Not too long ago, I would’ve crumbled over the smallest of obstacles, but now, I can (somewhat) hold myself together and keep going. This was also manifested in me nailing a front over split today, and hopefully again tomorrow.

Splits is something I’ve attempted to reach many times in my life, but I haven’t succeeded since high school, when I still had my figure skater muscles. Clearly I don’t anymore, but it looks like I might be catching up to the 16 year old me. Or even exceeding, soon enough.

It was also manifested in the 100k word first draft that I wrote for NaNoWriMo Camp in July this year. I had about 60-70k by the end of the month and finished the rest in the middle of August. It was my first time writing a draft of that length.

And I’m off topic.

So, back to the main topic. Or sleep, actually. But just a quick summary:

  • Our main issue is that we want to stay in Canada after getting married.
  • Immigration is hard, but hopefully being informed will make it easier.

Advice is welcomed.

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