Mission 85: Make My Boobs Bigger

When I was 17 years old, I first tried breast massage. It made the size of my boobs increase about two cups (but then again, I was 17 and ate a Japanese diet).

I did gain some fat weight during my time in Japan, but when I lost it, my boobs were still bigger than before.

Now, several years have passed without consistent massage, and some fat loss.

The 85 cm (87, I think, at its heighest) they used to measure seems far away now, even though I reached 83 cm this summer. This is the reason why I call this Mission 85 — I want to get back to that measurement.

Now, a bit over a month after going vegan, they measure about 79 cm (81 after chest exercises).

I hardly believe that I’ve lost enough fat for them to shrink that much purely in fat, so it must have something to do with what I eat.

Therefore, I will try to add foods that, supposedly, are good for breast enlargement.

A list of the foods I’ll try:

  • Soy products
  • Cabbage
  • Avocado
  • Pumpkin

I got these from some Japanese websites:



All of the sources mention soy products, and I often see it coming up in breast enlargement context. Apparently this is because they’re high in a thing called isoflavone. A quick google search taught me that so are lentils, beans, carrots, etc. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phytoestrogen ). I already eat those, but apparently soy beans have the highest concentration.

My current diet consists largely of lentils, vegetables, beans and date brownies (cacao, almond flour, dates and chia seeds), so I won’t need to change a lot. I can add pumkin and cabbage in my usual bowl of beans and lentils, and add soy milk in my brownies (but I’ll look into perhaps incorporating some other soy products — but not too much, because there is also talk about too much soy being bad).

I didn’t put more things on the list, even though it could be endless, because I think that it’s important to just pick a few things that are doable, and try not to make it harder for yourself by changing your diet completely or choosing too many foods that you’re not comfortable with (one is fine — new experiences make you grow).

Also, before adding foods to your diet with the intention of making changes, make sure that you’re actually making the changes. In some cases, some of the nutrients you need might just exist in the foods you already eat. In my case, it turns out that isoflavones are already present in my diet, but I still might need to up the intake, as they clearly haven’t done anything good to my boobs with the current amount.

(Note that I’m not intending to go about this in a scientific manner. The websites I’ve looked at aren’t science, but I can tell that they have done their research. I simply don’t have time to do in-depth research about this right now, and am doing this merely as a casual attempt at growing my boobs.)

Non-vegan foods they mention are eggs, poultry, fish, dairy, etc. And they might have a point, because I have noticed my boobs being bigger when eating a lot of ice cream, chicken or both — and not only related to fat, but possibly related to exercise).

As for all vegan foods I eat, I feel like they make them smaller.

So, my goal is to increase the size without gaining fat. It’s definitely doable, but I know I won’t have any dramatic effect, and don’t really need it (but H cups would be superb, so hear me out on that, universe — but not above my more important wishes).

For the sake of this “experiment” I will not do any massage, in order to be able to see what difference diet alone (and exercise, because I won’t skip that) can make.

If you want to make your boobs bigger, I recomment that to you as well: Pick one thing, not all at once. That way, you can see what works for you, and won’t be overwhelmed.

If you have any experience with natural breast enlargement, do tell in the comments. Not for me, but for any other readers whom it might benefit.

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