My Curves Are Deflating

Being vegan is nice. As long as I don’t eat too much of certain carbs (such as oatmeal, for some reason), my energy levels stay even during the day, and I don’t crave sweets (other than my regular date brownies).

In spite of eating until I’m full, and the numbers on the scale not having changed a lot, I feel deflated.

Disappearing are the curves that I finally regained this summer eating all of the ice cream I wanted, and chicken.

My boobs have taken the biggest blow, but even my hips feel sort of flatter. My waist remains about the same. Overall, the fat all over my body feels thinner, so I’m suspecting it’s more water than fat now, and soon it might show a decline on the scale.

A part of me wants to go back to the way it was, and, to be honest, I feel a bit bummed out.

So I thought, maybe I can try an experiment.

When I lived in Japan I learned some breast massage techniques, and because I was 17 at the time, it worked quite well.

Since that time, I’ve been lazy for a few years, only doing it on and off. The result is shrinking boobs, sadly. It’s like muscles, you have to maintain them or they will waste away.

The experiment would be trying to massage them every day for a month and see if there are any results.

However, I decided not to do it.

I’ve done it before. It showed some results, but I always end up quitting.

So I suppose I’ll just wait until I’m pregnant. Then, I can grow them naturally, without any effort required, and regain some curviness.

Or get a Noogleberry Breast Enlargement and Enhancement System.

Or both.

Either way, I’ll have a free breast massager in the form of my future husband’s hands soon enough.

But in the end, it’s a fat issue. Boobs are largely made of fat, and the biggest reason why they’re smaller now than in my teens is because I have less overall fat.

Breast massage can enlarge them a little bit, just like pms, but what really makes a difference is fat.

Speaking of which, my vegan diet is fairly low in fat, so perhaps I should try to add some more of that and see what happens. Everything might just magically puff upp again.

Tomorrow, I’m making chia pudding with dates and cacao (because chocoholic), and probably oat milk.

Both chia seeds and cacao contain fat, as well as fiber and micro nutrients.

I would like to find out more about breast enlargement, but I’m just not that into it that I used to be when it was my main interest.

Now, I find it way more enjoyable to research matters regarding pregnancy, giving birth and babies.

Perhaps I’m guilty of having a biological clock, or I’m affected by my future husband’s desire to impregnate me.

Probably both.

So, even though I am feeling a bit low right now (which may or may not be related to having eaten less brownies than usual), I will try to get something done, whatever that might be.

Thank you for reading. If you want to know more about any of the above, please write me a comment.

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