Starting Over: Correcting Those Twig Legs + Brownie Musings

So, the other day I said that I practiced over splits. And while that’s 100% true, it wasn’t pure splits.

There are two types: open splits and true splits.

(I’m talking about front splits.)

Unfortunately, the version I had “mastered” was the open splits.

My actual splits are miles from perfected. It’s so bad, the knee of my back leg barely goes behind my hip point!

Slight exaggeration, but my hip flexors are that tight.

There are four reasons behind that:

  1. Sitting a lot
  2. Too soft bed
  3. Stretching wrong
  4. Weak muscles, especially glutes

When I get into the splits, I feel like my legs are twigs that refuse to be arranged in the way I want them to, so I tweak and twist them until it seems somewhat right.

Yeah, that’s not good.

That’s why I’ll do it the right way from now on, even if it means that I’m super far away from achieving it.

And I’ll get them this year, just like I promised myself when I made my new year’s resolutions (at which time I was actually closer).

(Rereading this, I feel like every other word is splits. That’s horrible writing, but there’s no good way to express the action of splitting your legs other than that, so…)

Brownie Musings

The sadness of this reversed accomplishment, mixed with some pms blues (I think), makes me want chocolate. So I’m making date brownies. Totally healthy and excellent.

I love my brownies. They might even make me feel happy and motivated enough to do something useful, but I’ll probably just watch Netflix and mentally prepare for rereading my scholarly publishing assignment that’s due in two days.

Post Brownie Dough

Something about the combination of ingredients (dates, cacao powder, almond flour, chia seeds, water and–this time–soy milk) in my brownies is exactly what I need.

I feel much more like a live human being, instead of a zombie walking around in human disguise, trying to feel something other than emptiness, sadness and anger/annoyance.

It goes without saying that diet is important in matters of correcting undesired shifts or termal degrees of mood (but I’ll keep repeating it anyway).

I also highly believe that my splits (aka hip flexibility) is totally connected to my emotional experience, and there is definitely a value in working on both of those things in tandem in order to achieve desired flexiblity.

New episodes of Jane the Virgin came out today on Netflix, so I’m watching that, while, clearly, procrastinating from my procrastination (I also wrote some thoughts on Michael’s return, and what I would do if I was Jane in that situation).

Have a nice day.

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