The John Paradox

Once upon a time, I knew a guy named John. Ok, he was Italian, so John wasn’t his real name, but it was his name in the online game we were all playing.

(Other John, if you read this — it’s not you, even if it sounds similar (we’ve known two Johns, but I’m talking about the first one.))

By all I mean me, J (my “husband”), John and a few other people.

When me and J started hitting off, John had a not-so-hidden crush on me. He actually told me this eventually.

Anyway, this is not about John’s crush on me — it’s about how he advised me against getting together with J.

One of the best things I’ve done in my life was not listening to John.

Now, I’m faced with a similar situation.

Except this time, it’s not John, nor is it a person.

It’s everyone I’ve seen give advice on blogging, or vlogging for that matter.

Stick to one thing, they say, and even though I’ve never been a person who is happy sticking to one thing (with the exception of my “husband”), I took their words seriously and decided to do that.

But why? Why, why, why — should I listen to them?

Because it worked for them? (I believe they’re telling the truth about that)

I’m not them! I’m me, and only me!

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget the fact that recommendations based on the general population doesn’t apply to everyone.

I mean, come on. Not to be weird or anything, but I’ve published like 20 blog posts within a few days and written 20+ drafts, while finishing my assignments for my master’s degree program weeks earlier than my peers, who got the deadline extended because they failed to send it in in time.

Yeah, I’m not them.

These days that I’ve been working on this blog for hours a day, I’ve enjoyed it, but I feel a craving to start vlogging as well.

It’s not that I like being in front of the camera or anything, but I do like editing videos, and I have had several YouTube channels since I was 12 (I’m 25).

It goes without saying that I have a gravitation both towards blogging and vlogging.

I’ve never actually tried vlogging, but I have this strong feeling that it would go so well with the blog, as in, the contents would complement each other.

There are certain things that go better with video, while some go better with blogs.

I’ve done a lot of observation, and I have ideas for both of these platforms.

Perhaps the advice is aimed towards complete beginners?

After all, I’ve had both blogs and YouTube channels before, even if they lacked success — I still learned how to use the platforms, and maybe that’s what counts?

I don’t know, but I’m going to go and do the same thing that I did with John’s advice — ignore it.

In a couple of years from now, I might be thinking that it was the second best thing I did!

Either way, I’ll do me. I’ll follow what my gut tells me, and I will definitely not hold back on my ideas because other people, with other personalities and work processes, advice against it.

Of course I’m not trying to diss anyone. They/you all have very good advice, and I have learned tons, but my point is, it’s also important to think about your personal skills and preferences.

Some people work better when focused on one thing; some are happier when they have multiple things to switch between — I get bored easily, but switching between things helps me enjoy what I’m doing.

If you’re like me, you get what I mean.

Edit: Some people actually say it’s ok to start out scattered, but I still wanted to share this post because of the issue of individuality.

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