Writing Log #1: Editing Ch. 1 Of The Forbiddener City

While editing this chapter, I had to make a few decisions (and I’m still not sure I made the right ones).

I considered the popularity of shorter chapters on Wattpad, and thought about dividing the 5000 word chapter into 2 or 3 shorter ones.

It didn’t feel right.

Even though I’ve always had a tendency to write short chapters, I’ve sort of schooled myself to write longer ones.

There are two reasons behind that:

  1. To fit into the publishing world.
  2. Because it makes more sense. It feels more put together, as opposed to the scattered sensation a book with many short chapters might bring.

I’m not saying that one is better than the other. Definitely not.

Perhaps a shorter length goes better with unnamed, numbered chapters. At least from a reader’s point of view. Something in which they mark a stop point, rather than a certain theme or event. I don’t know.

Anyway, I ultimately decided that the events I initially wrote down in the first chapter are needed, and I want to have them remain as the base of the rest of the book.

I introduced most of the important characters (-1, I think), places they frequent and how they relate to each other, as well as some of their personal worries.

As for the plot, I introduced 2-3 mysteries, depending on what counts and how I will proceed.

If I do upload it to Wattpad, I will probably divide it in parts.

I feel like I have a good base to rewrite the next chapter on, but we’ll see.

Even though I’ve written 8 chapters in this second draft, I want to trash most of it. Sadly. It just doesn’t feel relevant enough.

In the next chapter, I plan to introduce the characters further, get deeper into the main mystery of chapter 1, and establish possible suspects.

That’s pretty vague.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, while editing this chapter I coincidentally invented a connection to one of the chapters I want to keep (chapter 7), which was exciting, and definitely adding to the mystery aspect. More importantly, it’s undetectable.

Perhaps I’ll make the old chapter 7 the new chapter 3.

One of the reasons why I’m considering posting my story online, chapter by chapter, is exactly this.

If I’ve put it out, it’s out. I can’t go back and change things. Well, I can, but I shouldn’t, because readers (if I have any) want to know how it continues.

Also, I want to move forward, not stay in the same spot. Quality is important, but so is quantity–especially in today’s fast-paced world.

At the time of writing this, I have three things left to do:

  • Come up with a name for the butler.
  • Decide if I should keep or scrap the ending (it might be excessive, though it does provide a certain relationship insight).
  • Read through it again. And again.

Then I’ll have to decide where to divide the chapter for Wattpad (if I go for it).

I may just upload it here. It would make 0 difference in amount of readers. Not to be cynical.

Writing this post has actually brought me some clarity. Thank you, blog without readers (yet).

There is an important person that I neglected to introduce in the previous version, waiting to do it later. But my intuition tells me that that’s what chapter 2 should be about.

Ah, yes. That and the place I have to introduce, and those people. Suddenly there’s a lot. But that’s not a bad thing.

Knowing now how much insight a writing log can bring, I will definitely continue. Perhaps one per chapter.

Thank you for reading, and I hope that my log can be inspirational to other people as well.

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