Dreamy’s 3 Laws of Happiness

E-A-T, they say.




That’s great, but… I feel discouraged!

What I’m talking about is something that Income School mentioned in a video (below).

It’s a new SEO thing, and it’s about things that Google are starting to look more for when it comes to ranking blogs (I know I said I wouldn’t try to rank, but it’s still discouraging).

It’s a good thing, of course, but for regular unqualified people like me…

They did mention that everyday expertise counts as well. So, in other words, if I’ve been pregnant, I have everyday expertise in pregnancy. I haven’t been pregnant — yet — but I plan to write about it when the time comes.

So I’m sitting here now, walking around a bit at times, getting tea, ginger shot and snacks, and trying to figure out what I have any type of expertise in.

Honestly, **sigh** this is kind of a big issue for me, as I know it is for many people.

How do you feel confident in yourself?

I don’t feel confident in anything that I “know”. No matter how much I read about something, I feel like a beginner in the subject, and automatically assume that everyone knows more about it than I do.

I’m just a girl. The world is big and I’m tiny. People are bigger than me, so I feel inferior.

While thinking about what I could do to qualify as an everyday expert, I thought about writing, but I’ve never published a book, so talking expertly about writing would make me feel like a fraud.

As for feeling confident, I don’t know if I will ever truly believe that I’m better than someone else.

Original intention

The original intention for this blog was that it would be a family blog, and thinking back and forth, that’s what I want to stick to, after all.

Maybe I can be an everyday expert in many different things?

Throughout the years I’ve learned a lot about astrology, exercise, nutrition, weight loss, writing, relationships, and now I’m learning about more in depth aspects of blogging, as well as pregnancy stuff — maybe all of the above can be my expertise areas?

My academic degree is in literature, but I scammed my way through the courses by barely even touching the books.

Yeah, it’s not easy.

Being a Mess

This is what I know.

One moment I’m super confident and extremely productive — then I cry over nothing and doubt my ability to help anyone in any way.

I’ve always been like this, no matter how much I “manage” it. It’s always there, even if it’s better when I do certain things, such as exercise, eat healthy, etc.

Today is one of the bad days. It started with a bad dream, but also sort of sneaked into me over a few days.

They all say that helping people is important, that it’s the main thing in business — it’s what a business is — but how do you help someone when you have nothing to offer?

Not to sound too negative or ranty, because that is definitely the opposite of helpful.

It doesn’t have a name

I know that it can be helpful for people with certain mental health issues to read about other people going through it. But what if it doesn’t have a name?

Honestly, “Being a Mess” doesn’t even sound legit, but I don’t know what else to call it, because it doesn’t have a name. It’s just me, and all of the different sides of me — not even they have a unified name.

So yeah, here I am. Nameless and without a defined identity again.

Before blogging, I had reached a certain level of comfort with my existence — I knew what I wanted to be (although that shifted between writer, occult expert, witch and housewife throughout the last year), and I thought that’s what I would be blogging about (housewife stuff).

It was honestly supposed to be just a normal family/housewife blog. A mom blog.

Now I don’t know what it is.

All these helpful people giving nice advice is triggering me into losing the sense of comfort in identity that I had achieved.

I had reached the point where I felt like I didn’t need to define myself. And yet that’s what I’m hearing a blogger should do with their blog in order to be successful. But how can I cut down my blog into one defined identity, when I’ve never been able to with myself?

To me, blogging is a niche. And I’m supposed to narrow it down.

So triggering.

But I realized it. I was able to see what it’s doing to me (thanks to chatting with my “husband”), before setting out to become an indie romance author and turning that into my niche, even though I haven’t read romance in years.

A Rule for Myself

Maybe the best thing I can do is to set a rule for myself, and that could be:

Never niche down on purpose.

Never consciously try to fit into a limiting category.

Always do what makes you happy at that time.

Ok, that’s 3 rules, but they’re good.

And those are the laws of my happiness.

Yeah, so why not call them…

Dreamy’s 3 Laws of Happiness


I think that all of my followers are bloggers, so I wonder, what do you think of my 3 Laws? Do you have any blogging rules of you own?


In my dream we joined a cult that lived on or traveled with a bus (or both). Who knows why, but it was fun. We just left everything and went with them, wherever they were headed.

Then I dreamed about the above mentioned sad dream. It was about not being able to talk to my “husband” because he went to the movies with his friends, so I went clubbing and club danced with a girl (even though I’ve never been to a club in my life).


I also wrote 1.5 gift guides today, because that’s what bloggers do to make money. It wasn’t too bad, I found some really nice stuff that I would want for myself (I couldn’t bring myself to recommend anything I wouldn’t want personally — that would feel like lying, and I’m not a fan of lying).


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