Inspired for NaNoWriMo

Next month is the writing month!

I won NaNoWriMo camp this summer, and intend to do the same in November.


Working on this blog has certainly distracted me from writing stories, but at least I have been writing, and I do believe that I’ve improved my writing skills a little bit.

Recalling my Longing to Create Stories

I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with stories!

Well, I mean, it’s a universal thing — I think everyone are obsessed with them to some degree (why else would movies and novels exist and generate tons of income to many people?)

Anyway, by writing this blog I’ve had yet another opportunity to recall my longing to write stories.

I do love writing for the blog as well, but it doesn’t feel the same. I haven’t created a world with new characters — there’s no alternate universe in here, it’s just the internet, still part of the real world.

But fiction… there’s something special about it.

The feeling of having created a new world is thrilling.

Write what?

I’ve been pondering this question for a while, and have been going back and forth between The Forbiddener City draft 2/3 (the story I wrote this summer), the story of me and J (real life inspired) or something completely new, which I think would be a romance novel about an older woman and younger guy who aren’t us.

At the moment I’m watching a Japanese drama about an older woman and a younger guy, and it’s inspiring me.

I’m thinking, maybe I can write a hybrid — partially inspired by real life, but also incorporating more fictional elements, such as changing my personality. But I don’t know, that may not do justice to our story, so I should keep them separate.

As for what I feel like, I do want to try to write a pure romance, and succeed for once.

The question is just, which romance? Fiction or real (but also somewhat fiction)?

Tasks to Prep

I haven’t done anything to prep for NaNoWriMo, but I’m suggesting the following:

  • Clean my room.
  • Buy pukka tea (affiliate link)
  • Exercise regularly to increase mental clarity.
  • Stretch to soften muscles.
  • Rest my brain
  • Buy date sweetened chocolate.

I don’t know about you, but I have to order my tea online, because I live in a tiny place that doesn’t have it. So that sucks. And same with chocolate (because I don’t eat refined sugar or animal products).

Hmm… I haven’t decided which Pukka flavour I’ll get, but I guess since the month is long and I’ll need at least 3 bags a day, I can get several flavours 😂

If you live in the US, I found this chocolate bar on Amazon. It looks pretty good; paleo, vegan and not made with date sugar, but with coconut sugar.

Sadly I didn’t find any actual chocolate bar made with date sugar, but I did find some brownies and other things that looked good. The store that I will probably order mine from has a nice date sweetened chocolate, but unfortunately it’s not very international.

Discord Group??

If there are any NaNoWriMo participants (women only, especially in the romance genre) who are interested, I would like to create a discord group where we can chat about our progress, encourage and inspire each other, and possibly procrastinate together, right?

Yeah, there are discord groups for that already, as well as forums on the official page, but I just find it hard to participate in those big groups — I would prefer a small group of maybe 5-10 people.

So if you are interested, please write me a comment and I’ll get it done.

(If you’re not familiar with discord, it’s a chat app that is often used by gamers, but also by other people. I really like it, and it’s very quick to sign up for).

A stretching recommendation

Lastly, I want to recommend a great flexibility channel on YouTube (not affiliated, I don’t know her at all, just like the videos):

This video in particular is short and perfect for a quick break in the writing. The hamstrings get very tight when sitting down, and I often find that stretching them helps the creativity to start flowing again.

Let me know if you are interested in the discord group.

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