Writing Log #2: Starting ahead of NaNoWriMo, Our Story

I started writing our story today. It was fun.

My hands are a bit tired from blogging, so I only wrote 1600 words, but that’s good enough. The right amount for NaNoWriMo that starts next month.

My focus for writing this story will be pacing. Just a little bit at a time, don’t overdo it.

Writing made me miss that time of my life, the time when I played the game. Playing it was fun.

I wrote on the first chapter, and next time I’ll read through what I wrote, then finish the chapter.

Listening to the music from those days is nostalgic, but I know that the future will be even better.

The story starts with the end of a failure and a start of a new era, sort of. It represents the end of lessons and the start of the real deal. Well, it’s what it was, since it’s taken from real life.

To get myself into the right mode for NaNoWriMo I’ve been ignoring the blog and watched romance dramas for inspiration.

I’ve thought about my priorities, and figured that writing fiction should place above blogging, because I would feel more pride over finishing a novel than I would about writing on the blog. So I’ll pace myself.

I haven’t decided how close to reality I should keep the story. So far I’ve been keeping it real, and it’s definitely good enough — it has all of the necessary elements, such as second male leads, and a few more. I was popular, just like female leads in romance dramas, because I grew up as an outsider.

It’s a good story, and I’ll make it the best writing I’ve done. Simply because it’s the latest writing I’ve done, so I should be more skilled. Not that I’ll strive for perfection — I’ll strive for getting the story told.

Now, cookie and drama time.

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