Dream Diary #1: Twins, Weed and Tunnels


Last night I dreamed about throwing menus at twin boys in my sleep. They were my nephews, around 3 years old and put in my room for some reason. The noisiness made me throw things, without realising that they were the cause.

They told me when I woke up, after which I accidentally told them about my marriage that was going to take place in May (July IRL), and since them knowing meant that my parents would find out (because kids talk), I convinced them into believe in something called “No Marriage in May”, or “May is the No Marriage Month”. Something like that, but it means that they were forbidden from talking about it, for one reason or another.

Later there were two of Lady (my aunt’s dog). They ran around in my neoughbour’s yard, and then snuck out of two identical holes in the fence. I kept cathing one, but couldn’t catch both at the same time. My dad didn’t know how to mend the fence, but my uncle did.

Bomb & Weed

After that I dreamed that I was a person who was adviced to bomb a bridge, and handed a bomb to do that with.

I bombed the bridge and escaped without suspicion.

I commented on people smoking while riding on a bike, after which the driver (my middle school friend) revealed that she also smoked one, while riding the bike through a narrow passage with turns.

At her place, she had a lot of weed stuff, which we smoked.

The TV and politics were going crazy about the bombing, but my friend sent the TV station a video of her wearing next to nothing and a nurse cap, announcing that she was a nurse who would love to tend to any injured people. Note that she was the one who suggested the bombing, and she wasn’t a nurse.

My “husband” was there after a while, and since I was new to weed I got excessively high and he took me out of the apartment.

There was a rainow in the sky at some point, and I remember my friend talking about all of the important people commenting on politics being high.

When two cops passed us in the hallway, my “husband” kissed me to hide the fact that we were high.

I believe that this dream was partially inspired by this ASMR video I watched last night:

GwenGwiz ASMR — one of my current favourites.

I don’t eat fish!

In Japan, a lady kept trying to convince me to eat fish. She was some kind of teacher, I think, and it began with being childhood memories of fishing in shallow waters, then transformed into myself being a teacher in Japan, as I walked along the shore instead of fishing like the other kids did. Up until that point, I kept trying to convey that I was plant based, but the lady found it difficult to comprehend.

I had a deep conversation with a fellow teacher. He told me about how difficult the path towards employment had been; I told him about how I could relate, but when it came to love life. All of the present seemed to think I was wise.

Clearly inspired by Japanese dramas.

Bonus: Tunnels & Toys

This wasn’t last night, but the dream was so weird that I felt the need to include it.

The other night, I dreamed about being chased for some reason.

I had a person with me, who was a friend from my early days at uni.

We found a hole in the ground and hid in it. I thought it was safe, that they wouldn’t be able to find us underground (because for some reason they couldn’t enter the same hole, we had some special ability), but they found a way to get down.

So we ran around there in the underground tunnels, until we decided that it was time to climb up.

We entered the city when we exited, as opposed to the forest where we started.

I wanted to take a bus to escape, but my fellow escapee found new holes in a hill to re-enter the underground.

I was like, “No, not another hole…” but in the end he convinced me to slide through the narrow hole that was even longer than the ones we had used before.

Shortly after, the dream ended, but I remember that there were weird things in the tunnels. Don’t remember what.

The night before last night I had a restless dream about buying sex toys. In waking life my “husband” was eager to know what kind of sex toys, but the dream was so restless and half asleep that I don’t remember any details.

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