Procrastination (Raw) Bars, Rewatching Love O2O & Fruit Platter Desires

I started the day by blogging about my dreams, after which I tried to study for my classification exam next week. A couple of hours passed and I had managed to do a few practice questions, out of which I got about half correct.

For the sake of my mental health I didn’t spend more time doing that — feeling dumb and inadequate only leads to vicious cycles of badness.

So I decided to try making raw bars, as I’ve gotten bored of brownies after almost two months of eating them daily.

The ingredients I used were dates, almonds, cacao powder and water, following the instructions in this video:

I skipped coconut oil, though, because I don’t like oils.

So, I went to the store, got the ingredients and started making my bars, when I found out that my food processor can’t mix that type of stuff. Bummer.

I then took the ingredients out of the food processor and blended them together with a fork instead. It worked fine, but the nuts ended up being whole instead of chopped.

raw bar batter dates

After blending the ingredients I spread the batter out on a baking sheet.

It ended up being a bit less than I thought, but that’s ok. Spreading it out evenly wasn’t super easy.

After spreading it out I covered it with yet another baking sheet, then put the whole thing in the freezer, where I let it sit for a couple of hours in order to make them easier to cut in pieces.

The end result is at the bottom.

Love O2O — Game Romance Drama

While eating the part of the batter that was left over in the bowls I started rewatching Love O2O, a chinese drama about two people who meet in a game and fall in love, then meet IRL and same thing.

I originally watched this drama a few months before meeting my “husband” in a game. In fiction that’s called foreshadowing. My life is full of those, as if I’m a drama heroine. I suspect that’s because I’ve watched so many dramas.

eating raw bar batter
Tastes good. Unbrushed hair is irrelevant. Background mess not my doing.

Then I used the batter energy for a barre workout.

Good workout.

After that I studied for my exam again, with more success this time, while stretching and enduring the stomach ache that exercising gave me.

When my stomach ache cleared up I made food. Lentil and bean mix, with spinach this time. Delicious.

Fruit Platter Desires

Last night I ate fruits and they were so good, I started googling pics of fruit platters. One of the suggestions said “wedding”, so I got the idea to have a fruit platter on our honeymoon. Not for the wedding, because we’re not planning to have guests or anything, just us.

My “husband” liked the idea and took it to an erotic angle.

Sweet, sweet fruits in abundance… ready to eat and arranged in a romantic manner, the perfect source of energy for honeymoon activities — the lightness and lack of excessive fullness is perfect.

So much do I long for this fruit platter that I bought myself some sliced pineapples today.

Raw Bars

Last night I told my “husband” that I wanted to try making raw bars, but he thought I meant something else raw, which I knew he would.

What I meant was these lovelies:

raw bars date bars chocolate
Mmmmm… 😍

They turned out softer than I thought, but that’s fine. I’ll use a spoon.

Such delicious snacks, I’m hooked.

Now, energized by my bars, it’s time to get some fiction writing done.

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