Failed my first assignment & Squirrel dream

Upon waking up today, the first thing I saw on my cellphone was the message about the results of the first assignment being out.

I failed.



Such a bad graduate student, going in with this ominous start.

Well, the only problem was the list of references, which I fixed in five minutes.

Still, what a disaster.


In my dream I had a squirrel friend who liked sleeping on my shoulder.

In the beginning, it was timid and only lurked around nearby or ran around the room, then gradually got more comfortable.

One of my dead dogs, Max, the Irish Red Setter, joined in after having been revived by a vet. I made him sit and behave so that he wouldn’t hurt the squirrel by accident. He’s a good dog.

Also dreamed about some sort of flashbacks about my mom being pregnant several times, with twins and all, and in the end needed to go to the hospital more and more. Pregnancy seems tough — yet another reason to think twice.

I also drove my dad’s car, even though I was underage. Just took it on a quick drive around the house, no idea why.

The squirrel was the best part.


Wishing that this day will be better than the last, but feeling so drowsy and out of it, I know it will take hours until fully functioning.

Time to feed myself fuel to beat the drowsiness, then get stuff done.

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