Dream diary #2: Imprisoned for a new society

dream diary dreamy

I was on some kind of Harry Potter tour at an amusement park, when suddenly we were all taken prisoner by some people.

We were put in a room and made to sit on chairs in a circle, and our mission was to vote our way to one person who would get to stay, while the rest of us would walk free.

I was one of the last 3 left, as was my friend, but I almost forgot the name of the third person, and thus nearly voted on my friend. Luckily, I remembered the name.

Later on it turned out that none of us would really walk free.

A few years later, the chosen ones had been trained to be leaders of this new society that we were imprisoned to participate in.

We were all part of some sort of experiment.

The leaders had weird things in their noses, kind of like the ones you might see at a hospital. Don’t know what they’re called, and don’t know why they had them. They patrolled and were strict.

I think they had been turned into some kind of superhumans.

I remember the leader of my group talking about the importance of doing homework, as if I was still in school. Not sure why.

In another dream, me, my mom and my sister were going to Moscow, because of something in the Big Bang Theory. I think they wanted to find guys, but I didn’t need to, since I already have one. They didn’t know that, though.

In the end the trip was cancelled, but I was lucky enough to get a refund.

My real trip to find my guy will not be cancelled. Have to pick a date and buy the ticket soon. And tell my parents 😱

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