Dreamy Magic (Dragic): A Principle, Doors & Destiny Stones

Dreamy Magic Magick Dragic

Magic isn’t something that everyone can do, contrary to what certain people say.

I believe that you have to possess a certain something within you. Just like some people are really good at math, and others suck at it.

Well, I suppose everyone can do math.

Anyway, in this post I will talk a bit about some sort of magic, touch briefly on how to tune in, and explain intangible things related to the universe.

The First Principle of Dragic

This is to let your guard down, but keep it up at the same time.

How can it be down and up at the same time? Well, that is a matter of practise.

You have to visualize a protective field around you, a force inside you, and imagine yourself connected to the stars, distant countries, and specific people.

The people are what you get information from. The visualization of space is so that you get a universal outlook on how to attain what you want.

You have to see. That’s the most important thing. If you can’t see, you can’t get it.

It’s not the law of attraction, or willpower. It’s purely turning your desires into reality.

No need to meditate all day long.

Please, Aleister Crowley, why would you put such weight on meditating? When all that is needed is seeing.

You can see whether you meditate or not. Just look, it’s there and couldn’t be clearer.

The stars and the moon are your allies. As long as you see them, that’s all you need. As long as you can visualize obtaining things from your chosen channels, that is enough.

And I don’t mean visualize being rich.

Please, you don’t get rich by thinking about it! If that was the case, the whole world would be rich by now. But is it? No. Not even close. And I’m not rich, either, so I don’t claim to have unlocked the ultimate door to wealth.

I have, however, unlocked the one to my soulmate, and that’s a pretty decent achievement as well. Especially considering the fact that he turned out to be many of the things I had visualized. I could go deeper into that, but won’t in this post.

You can use essential oils, such as clary sage, to help you in the process.


The universe is full of doors. I walked through one just now. It’s all in your mind.

The one I walked through was one that I found earlier this year, a door into the world of magic(k), in the theoretic sense.

The practical version is always with me, and I don’t need to think consciously of it. In fact, thinking about it can make it less potent, but it depends on your mindset — just like thoughts affects an athlete’s performance.

When I was little, It was easier to access this side of me. It was there all along, without the need to find and open doors.

Everything seemed to always go well for me, and I thought I was lucky, which caused me to worry about the day when the luck would run out.

You see where I’m headed?

The luck didn’t run out, but the worry got the best of me, so much that I developed anxiety.

Now, of course, I don’t feel any anxiety at all (in this particular moment). This version of me has no reason to feel anxiety, because she knows that she can get whatever she wants, through her special powers. Call it magic, intuition, or intelligence, it doesn’t really matter.

It’s all about rearranging matter

The world consists of stuff. All kinds of stuff.

With our hands, we can move the tangible things, and with our minds the intangible. Yet few people seem to realize this, that there is a whole world out there to be manipulated and altered.

Things can be moved to serve a specific purpose. They can be moved in a positive direction, or in a negative.

I have a feeling that things go back and forth for me, as I don’t stick to a single mindset, but I truly believe that if I stuck to one version of me, their location would be very favourable.

The location of what?

Destiny stones, Fate pearls, Future pebbles — it doesn’t matter what they’re called, but perhaps, for simplicity’s sake, I should assign them a name. So, let’s say…

Destiny Stones.

What is Destiny Stones?

Quite frankly, it’s my first time hearing of them as well, but they are the thing that ties your soul and the universe together, and align your fate with the one of the world. I know, that’s a weird thing for a stone to do, but according to my connected mind, that’s what they are.

They are the thing that is your weight, when you want to achieve something.

When you want to go a certain direction, they might be in a completely different direction, and that’s why it’s so difficult to move, and why it’s so difficult to change direction.

They pull against you, for they haven’t been provided information that tells them that another path is better.

For me, moving these stones is quite easy. In fact, it seems like I have several sets of them, and that is probably my main issue.

Moving the stones

Some people have 1 stone; some have many.

Imagine yourself standing at the middle of a crossroad. Surrounding you are various paths, and in one of them is a stone, not blocking you, but leading your way, almost pulling you.

If you want to go a different way, you have to take the stone with you.

The trick is to realize how to carry its weight to the other path, and the secret is that you don’t need to carry them at all, and that’s why it seems harder than it is, because they can’t even be carried.

You see why trying to move them and switch path can be difficult? It’s like that sword you have to pull out. King Arthur?

Anyway, when it comes to moving it properly, I actually don’t know the method, because the only thing I’ve achieved is splitting it into several smaller, multicoloured stones.

Splitting the Stones and Identity

It’s not just me. Many people these days have the same problem.

Identity issues is not rare, and I read somewhere that our current society could be called a borderline society.

The stones are not your identity, however, but it’s easy to mistakenly believe that they are. I do that all the time. Even right now. It’s hard not to.

A brief window of time

Sometimes that’s all you get on the other side of the doors. Sometimes you’re flung right back out after entering, and that’s what I just did, so this will mark the end of this post.

There is certainly more thinking and defining to be done about the stones, and I do believe that I have neglected something vital in their function, but we’ll see. Hopefully I’ll give the topic of Dragic more opportunities to shine.

Take all my words as a grain of salt. I’m a fiction writer; what I write is fiction, and I don’t give it much thought.

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