Flash Fiction: Jungle Adventure #1

flash fiction jungle adventure

“Why don’t we go and live in the jungle?” she said, “I’m so tired of everything here. Work, rent, gas — I want to live, but this isn’t life.”

They gathered their stuff and packed what they needed in backpacks, bought plane tickets, then travelled to the jungle of their dreams, fantasizing about becoming the modern day Tarzan and Jane.

When they arrived, they were met with more green than they had seen in their entire lives, and mystery. 

The entrance of the jungle took the shape of a gate, the top of which said: “Welcome to The Jungle.” 

Walking through the gate, they encountered a man.

“Welcome to the jungle.” he said and smiled.

He was old and had a white beard, with a purple twist.

“Thank you.” she said, “but where are we supposed to go from here?”

The man smiled, “Just go wherever your heart feels like. You and your husband will be happy wherever you go, I can tell. But tell me, why did you come to the jungle?”

She thought.

“We wanted freedom.” she said, “Isn’t that right?” she looked at her lover, who nodded.

“I see,” said the man, “Well, you can certainly find freedom here, but don’t you want security?”

The woman hesitated, “Yes, but–”

“No worries,” said the man, “you can figure it out as you go. Now, I suggest you go ahead and find your way. Don’t worry about the details, they tend to fall into place later.”

She nodded, “I see. Thank you.”

They walked along an untraveled path, straight forward, holding hands.

“Wife, what do you say about taking a break here?” said the man after a while, with a playful expression.

The woman knew what he meant by break, and nodded.

After the brief stop, they got hungry and decided to go look for food.

“Husband,” she said, “can you climb up that tree and bring down some dates? They look really good.”

“Sure, wife.” he said, and without too much difficulty, he climbed up the tree and grabbed a bundle of dates, then climbed back down.

“Good husband,” she said and patted him on the head, “Hm, these aren’t like the ones in the store. How do you figure we eat them?”

The husband thought, “Just put them in the mouth?” he said, and did so, then hit something hard with his teeth.

The wife laughed, “Silly, they have seeds.”

The husband spit the seed out, then proceeded to his next date, removing the seed this time.

“So sweet.” he said, “Just like my wife.”

She smiled, “Aww. But they are sweet, indeed — makes me thirsty.”

“Thirsty?” he said with a meaningful face.

She sighed, amused, “Not that type of thirsty. For water. Where do you think we can find water?”

They looked around themselves, but nowhere was water to be seen. How were they going to survive this adventure without water, and an abundance of overly sweet, fresh dates? 

To be continued…

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