Writing Log #4: Going by Feeling [Our Story]

writing log nanowrimo 2019 prep

As I’m writing Our Story I encounter various thoughts.

One of those thoughts is, how much should I include? Which details are irrelevant, and what parts should I keep?

The other day I wrote about being unsure about whether to keep or cut a certain aspect.

I decided to keep it, but then I got mixed feelings again. In the instant the story got back to that aspect, heaviness and lack of motivation hit me again, even though it was with such flow that I had just written about other aspects.

So I decided to cut.

Asking someone else?

I’ve tried this before — it didn’t work. Whether is was because I was so bad, or because they were that uninterested, I don’t know.

I’m thinking of trying again, but among the people I know IRL, there is no one left. Asking someone on the internet is something I’m not sure about, but perhaps I’ll try.

NaNoWriMo is getting closer, and I still haven’t joined any groups. Haven’t decided if I should make my own or join someone else’s. We’ll see.

I do want to join a group, whether that’s for opinions or just socializing.

My hopes are that the social aspect will have more success after I move to Canada.

Progress so far

I’ve procrastinated, pushed words and cut. My current word count is 8831, but I’m thinking of cutting again. Really need a second opinion, but haven’t gathered the courage to join a group.

Will find out more about discord servers for NaNoWriMo.

I suppose my current progress is ok, considering the fact that I wasn’t going to start until November. My pre-NoNoWriMo goal is to have 20k words, but we’ll see — I have exams and cut a lot.

Writing by feeling?

Yesterday I really enjoyed what I wrote, but reading through the same thing today, I’m not sure whether it’s interesting enough. Maybe because it’s so fresh.

I won’t cut it right away, but if I still find it excessive tomorrow, I will cut, or try to blend in other aspects of the story, in order not to make it monotonous.


If you know of a small group on discord, or interested in joining one I start, write me a comment.

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