Dream Diary #3: Toys, Abuse & Lack of Tears

dream diary

I had ordered a sex toy, and when I went to get it in the store, the woman at the cash register started to offer really loudly to show how it works.

I was like 😳 … and my dad was right there, but he didn’t say anything — nor did I. I didn’t know what to say in that situation. The harm was done the moment she mentioned the name of the toy, the discrete packaging of which didn’t really help at all.

Also bought ice cream, even though I follow a plant based diet. Then greeted Lady (my aunt’s dog) outside of the store. My aunt wore a floral dress and looked young, which was odd, considering she’s old, an alcoholic, and always wears robes.

The purpose of the ice cream to maintain my fictional routine of eating ice cream every time I greeted Lady.


A bunch of people were watching a movie. Most from the living room, but I was by the entrance of the house, with the spiders. Don’t know how I could see from there, but I did.

Other people had emotional reactions to the things in the movie, but I didn’t — I was more scared of the spiders.

Someone was in an abusive relationship. A man across the street was cheating with that woman. There was a basement related to their relationship. Don’t remember details.

Something about the movie was connected to real life. We watched it at my grandma’s place. Me and friends from my past.

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