Dream Diary #4: Diagnosed Glass Breaker

dream diary bipolar diagnose

I just went crazy, literally. No, maybe that’s the wrong word. To clarify, I don’t view mental illness as crazy, but I don’t see a problem in using the word when it’s about myself.

Anyway, I really started slipping and doing weird stuff. I remember in particular fighting with people and breaking someone’s window.

At one point in the dream, though, I was someone else, and that person was a thief who broke into people’s homes. I get the feeling that it wasn’t by my own will, though, and rather going along with someone else’s flow.

I think I hurt other people as well, because I remember something about being a danger to other people.

In the end I was diagnosed with bipolar.

Also was accused by a young girl’s dad that I was trying to seduce his daughter o.O like, what? I was just being a friend, and if anything, it was the girl who was obsessed with me. You know, like kids can be.

At some point there were a lot of wolves. They didn’t harm me, of course, just wandered around. I feel like I got close to them. They were all lone wolves.

In another dream I got to pick out underwear for free, because connections (something I lack irl).

There wasn’t really much to choose from, but I found a leopard patterned soft “bra”. I don’t know what the actual name is.

Also played with a basketball (alone, of course, because why would I torture myself with playing group sports?) and scored many times.


Luckily, I haven’t gone crazy in real life, in spite of low key worrying about it at times. In fact, I’m excessively sane. As for basketball — I am good at scoring in real life.

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