Dream Diary #5: Scarred Girl

dream diary

I had lots and lots of cuts on various parts of my body. In patterns. Self-made.

In real life, I’m not a cutter, and even in the dream I was surprised by my own actions. I was like, oh no 😱 what have I done? My husband won’t like it…

*about to have the memories of my dreams blown away by surrounding chaos*

Anyway, after that I dreamed about filming a YouTube video about K-pop, which resulted in almost 100 subscribers the first day (though, the first day hadn’t completely passed by the time the dream ended, so it might have reached 100).

I don’t listen to K-pop, and my real YouTube channel got 0 subs the first day.

*brought down by the surrounding chaos*

Maybe I’m not fated for any of this. No, I’ll feel better later on, once I’ve gotten rid of the heaviness of the thing that just hit me, sapping out my happiness like many other mornings — how can you be happy while listening to the sound of crying?

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