Dreamy the Game Developer?

dreamy island game noob

Yesterday I wasn’t in a writing mindset. I’m still not, but anyway, I was restless and tried vlogging, but that wasn’t the only new thing I tried.

I also tried making a game.

Watching Love O2O (a game romance drama), I started wanting to play a game, but I’m not really a gamer, and don’t know of a game I want to play.

In the drama, they create their own game, so I thought it would be really cool if I could do that too!

I like creating stories, worlds and characters, but writing often makes me tired, because of the whole writing posture thing. I know, I realize as I write this — it’s probably the same with game design posture.

Either way, I’ve always preferred being able to see things. Just like you can see movies, but you have to read books.

I also like the aspect of being able to wander around in the game, collect items and make friends.

Even though I’m not a gamer, my brief experience in games (mostly one game, in which I met my “husband”), made me like these aspects.

If I could create a playable MMORPG, I would be really proud of myself.

Obviously I don’t know any coding, even though I tried to learn a bit a couple of years ago, but I taught myself Japanese in middle school, then learned Chinese, about 70% on my own, so I can probably learn coding if I want to.

Still, I’m a noob, so I googled something like “creating a game without coding”.

The first result was this website called CREY. I clicked it and found out I could create games without coding, then tried it out a bit. Just the basic, tutorial part, but still.

This is the result:

Dreamy’s Little Island.

(Click the image to try playing).

If you try it, let me know what you think. It’s just super basic, though.

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