Dream Diary #6: Sleepless Meeting IRL

dream diary dreamy ldr long distance relationship

I went to see my “husband” in Canada, and in spite of the 15 hour flight, I didn’t get to rest after.

First, we went to eat, and for some reason we didn’t take any pics, even though we always say we’ll do, for memories.

Then we went to some weird “spa” place, and there we showered together. He wanted me to touch something that was bigger than I thought.

In the morning we still hadn’t slept, but don’t remember why. And the next day we went out to do other things. So in those 2 days I didn’t sleep at all, which was disappointing.

I also made a female friend! Yay for that. It’s been some time since I had a female friend to connect with… The last ones moved to Japan and China.

The friend had someone she liked, and it was a guy from the class in Japan. He had a girlfriend, but I was like, “It’s the end of high school, they’ll break up soon.”

Well, my “husband” will be at the end of high school soon as well, and he won’t break up with me, even if I had a particularly bad day yesterday, and thought he might’ve gotten bored of me. He said he hadn’t.


In real life, I realized that he’s the only meaningful thing in my life. While that sounds extreme, I’ve always tried to find meaning in other things than love, but it never lasts. Still, I always keep trying.

Hopefully this blog will become something that I find meaningful.


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