Combining Two Ideas Into One

2 in 1 two in one idea writing fiction novel

For NaNoWriMo, I’ve been planning to write Our Story — the love story of Dreamy and J — our meeting in a game and how we fell in love, in spite of our 7 year age difference, him being a teenager, and I, an adult woman who couldn’t resist…

On another note, the last few days I’ve been thinking it would be cool to create a game, and while the initial excitement has cooled off (I don’t really care about coding), an idea struck me as I read Love O2O (a chinese novel):

What if I create the game I want to play, for the story?

… an ideal dream world …

… If I’m lucky, someone else could make a real game out of it later …

So, during the couple of days that are left before NaNoWriMo — can I create a dream game in my mind?

I have an exam tomorrow, an assignment due in 3 days, but I’ve studied enough and finished the assignment several days ago, so I could do it, if that’s what I need.

3 days is like a week to me…

If it’s not what I need, my mind will tell me by refusing. Either way, I have to load up with fruits for brain energy.

… Mmm, fruits … 😍

Right, I had a little plan to write a Halloween themed short story about a female vampire who finds love in an online game. We’ll see what happens with that.


I just want to buy a plane ticket, honestly, and I think I’ve finally found the right option, but I’ll wait a few days. Have to decide how many extras I can include. Do I need to pay extra for a seat at the back? And should I sit by the window or aisle? Thoughts for another day.


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