Dream Diary #7: A Permitted Affair?

dream diary dreamy wedding affair

Finding out that my middle school best friend, the cool girl, had always been attracted to me, I was faced with a though decision.

“But, I’m engaged!” I thought, when she expressed her undying attraction towards me.

Always having wanted to try out things with a female (hence the dream in my past, in which I was asked to play dominatrix for a night, for a whole group of women).

The choice was between the aloof woman and the adventures I knew she would take me on, and my dear husband, who, of course, would also take me on adventures, but of a different kind.

Of course, I chose my husband, but I still wanted to take the opportunity to get this out of the system.

I knew that he wouldn’t like it, but I asked him if I could possibly enter a timed, permitted “affair” with her, for a week or so.

While I never really got a reply, I decided not to do it in the end — the stoicism of my love is undeniably strong even in dreams.

My other middle school friends were there, too, and when they found out I was getting married, they were excessively shocked, and wanted to come to the wedding. Luckily, it’s going to be in Canada, and they didn’t intend to pay to go all the way to Canada for it.

As for the wedding itself, it got to shine later in the night, when I dreamed about wedding planning.

It was the day of the wedding. The guests had arrived, but there wasn’t enough (water) to drink for all of them. The lighting and photography hadn’t been decided yet, but those things aside, the point is that it was a proper wedding!

We’re not planning to have one of those, at least not this time. It’s just going to be us, and, well, the mandatory witnesses…

Maybe I secretly wish that my relationship with other people was good enough to have guests to invite to my wedding, but the reality is that I’ve drifted apart from everyone.

Well, we’ll see how it turns out, but as long as we’re both present, that’s all we need.


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