My Flexibility Channel — New Upload

stretching splits flexibility test

At the end of last year or so, I started a flexibility channel on YouTube, because I had a New Year’s resolution to get the splits this year.

I did that for about a month, uploading 16 videos.

To my surprise, the channel hasn’t died 😱

Instead, two videos have gotten over 2000 views. It’s not a lot, compared to the number of views I got when I was 12 and uploaded Harry Potter chatrooms… but still, it’s more than I got on my ASMR channel.

So, I figured, maybe I should give the channel some more love, and be opportunistic.

And that’s why I filmed this:

Just testing my flexibility.

By the end of this year, I’m supposed to be down in all of the splits… well, I’ll try.

The exam I had earlier today went fine. I might fail, might succeed. The subject in general is impossible.

I warmed up using this video:

Flow with Adee — her channel is the best for splits.

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