Pet Sitting — A Couple’s Career?? (for us)

cutest couple career

This could be our future.

We were just talking about being together 24/7, and I said: we can only do that if we either live outside of society, or have a family business.

After establishing that a restaurant business wouldn’t be for us, I found a list of a few different business ideas for couples, then asked him which one he thinks seems the most fun — he said pet sitting, and it was one of my favourite options as well.

I had even thought about doing something like that already, this summer, but I could never do it alone, because I’m weak and big dogs are strong. Together, we could.

Since we both aren’t really that social, I think that it would be an ideal couple’s career for us, even if he’s a cat person and I’m a dog person 😂 Cats and their claws are scary, but he can deal with them. I can cuddle with, and walk, the small dogs.

I can see myself evolving into a pet groomer as well, and I’ve been wanting to try dog breeding for years.

On a more serious note… I find that a stress free job is important for me, as I get burned out very easily, and depressed as a result of that. Completely lose my motivation and joy for life, until I take a couple of days to just rest, and not even think about the thing that made me burnt out.

Well, that’s from being at home and writing on the blog and doing things I actually like (overdoing it). With an actual job, the need to rest extends to weeks or months…

So, I think that being a pet sitter would be ideal. Even if the pay might not be much, I have a feeling I would like the money I get from that, a lot more than I would from a job — I have an unintentional aversion towards job money, unless I feel like the job is worthwhile, or someone else earned it (I really admire people who are capable of working properly, without the mere process of getting there causing agoraphobic tendencies and such…).

Also, because of recent musings, we’re not planning any kids, so pet sitting would be very convenient.

I could blog and do other things I like, while pet sitting, and play with cute pets! 💖

It really seems ideal for someone who doesn’t like going out too much, other than for walks — maybe I’m a bit like a pet, myself? We have, indeed, discussed getting cute collars for me, in different colours (the meanings of which are secret)… Not to mention, when my dog was alive, I often noticed similarities in our behaviour… 🤔

Back to the main point, we’d be able to spend a lot more time together than if one, or both of us, had a job outside 💞🥰

Hoping that this can turn into reality (though I don’t see why not), I will now retire for the night, surprisingly without dread for the exam tomorrow morning. In other words, time to lie down on my acupressure mat for a couple of hours and listen to ASMR 😻

What I will indulge in:

GwenGwiz ASMR, newest upload.

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