Dream Diary #8: Lion or Pig? Fire Energy & Fear of the Unconscious

dream diary lion pig water

While walking somewhere, I was stopped by a pig or lion. It was a pig from afar, but looked more like a lion up close, and roared.

A man in a house near the road had released it on purpose to get time with me, but I think my “husband” came to rescue.

I don’t know where I was headed, or why, but in a later dream, I was by the sea. The walking itself took place in a forest area.

My sister had a place near the water, and she told me about how noisy it was, and that she didn’t recommend it.

Someone else bought a place near the water, and found out the same thing.

All of the places at the water had many hanging electrical outlets in different colours. Don’t think they were plugged in. They were almost like decoration.

We were on a steep hill/rock near the water, and one of my middle school friends wanted to go closer. I refused, and she ended up sliding into the water.

I hid behind a rock, protected by my middle school bestie.

Later, me and my “husband” decided not to get a place near the water, but not too far away. It would be at just the right distance. I think we were on an island.


Water represents the unconscious … am I that reluctant to enter?

Well, I’m scared of water, so there’s that, too, but I feel like the fear was amplified in this dream, as it was combined with being in an elevated place.

Have I created such a distance between my conscious and unconscious selves? Is my unconscious self noisy?

Electricity is quite opposite to water… it’s fiery, but they weren’t plugged in, and so near my unconscious… Maybe it means that I have some sort of hidden fire energy inside me, that I need to plug in?

Multicoloured fire energy … sounds pretty, like fireworks. Maybe I can be like fireworks.

So, my unconscious is loud and noisy, I prefer not being too close to it, but not too far away, and I have the opportunity to connect to my fire energy by getting closer.

According to Auntyflo, pigs in dreams are related to fertility, and a lion could represent a part of me that I can’t control, or a jealous person… 😂

But the jealous person doesn’t seem to be my “husband”, as he wasn’t the owner of the animal. Hmm 🤔 … I suppose it could be people who are jealous of him having me, getting to know and see parts of me that no one else can …

The pig was huge, by the way. Much bigger than one I’ve ever seen before.

The man in the house could be an aspect of myself. He was like a guardian of the forest, and the unleashing of the animal could be a test.

Maybe it took the shape of a pig first, because pigs seem a bit more harmless than lions. In its lion shape, it roared at me, and while it did chase me, it was a chill chase. None of us ran.

I wonder what happens if I plug in those outlets…

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