Chapter 3: Flowers (NaNoWriMo2019 — Our Story)

our story chapter 3 romance online love story nanowrimo 2019

Before the merger, Dreamy was number 3 in the flower rank; now, she was ranked number 7. It was a disaster.

Ranked number 1 was Vegas, the Field Marshal of Dreamy’s guild, the Snoozing Stars, and lover of Altairs, the guild leader.

Yuna was ranked number 3, and number 2 was Melody, a mage who had quit before the merger. Number 4-5 were, likewise, players who had quit, and number 6 was Zenflood’s lover, Nezod, a level 86 ranger.

Dreamy could never understand why such a high level player would be married to a shrimp like Nezod, who didn’t even have a level 5 mount, but one day, she found out.

“Zen is awesome,” she wrote in the guild chat, after having gotten to collect 6 chests in Morpheus’ Lair, thanks to his generosity, “By the way, has anyone seen Spear today?”

“No Spear.” said Yuna, “He probably gets on later.”

“Maybe,” said Dreamy, with a small hope that he wouldn’t (as he had been slacking off in the flower game, lately, and showed no signs of climbing back up to the top 10, so he had little use to her), “but if he doesn’t, do you think Zen would marry me?”

“Isn’t he married?” said Yuna.

“He is,” said Dreamy, “but I checked the player he’s married to. It’s a level 86 ranger. Surely not active.”

“I wish you the best,” said Sofia, “but I heard it’s his alt.”

Of course. Thinking about it, it was obvious. Why hadn’t she seen it before? A high level player like Zen wouldn’t be married to a nobody.

“Really?” said Yuna, “That is too bad. You would’ve been a good match to him, Dreamy.”

“I know, right?” she agreed, “our couple name could be Dreamflood, or ZenDreams.”

“I like ZenDreams.” said Yuna, “what is me and Bone? — Yune? Bona?”

Dreamy and Sofia laughed.

“My lover quit,” said Sofia, “but I got his account. If you want, you can marry me.”

Dreamy thought about what to say.

“Aww, thank you,” she settled with, “But I need a top 10 lover.”

“I know,” said Sofia, “but it was worth a try.”

Duskerbeat, who hadn’t spoken since the merger, made a sudden appearance in the chat:

“If you need a lover, I will marry you.” he said.

Duskerbeat was a level 118 male swordsman.

Dreamy had only touched upon the subject of marriage, and she already had two suitors. She had not seen that coming.

“You’re popular, Dreamy.” said Yuna.

In private, Dreamy wrote to Yuna:

“What is the deal with this? How did I suddenly get so popular?”, confused emoji.

Yuna responded, “You’re sweet, they like you.”, smiling emoji.

Sweet, huh?

Speaking of sweet, it was almost time for Valentine’s day.

A few days before Valentine’s day, a special event had been announced. Well, it was just another boss killing event, like the one during the week of the merger.

Dreamy wished that it could be something related to flowers, but at least it should mean that GodsWatch would attend Morpheus’ Lair and entertain her.

Altairs and Vegas sent each other flowers every day, as did Yuna and Bone.

Spear and Dreamy had done the same, before the merger, but as for now… she felt as if she had become a widow. Spear attended events only on a sporadic rate, and sent Dreamy flowers at the same frequency.

The flowers could be obtained from the treasure chests in Morpheus’ Lair, which occurred thrice daily. One of those times was at 3:30 AM, for Dreamy, so she usually missed that one, and didn’t get too many chests on the first two instances, but thanks to the empty server before the merge, her inventory didn’t lack flowers; she had a total of 127 of them, but no one to send them to, as she would only send the same amount to Spear, that he sent her, and she was a loyal lover, so sending flowers to someone else, wasn’t an option.

The same couldn’t be said about GodsWatch, who often asked other players to exchange flowers with him. Today was the same.

During Heavenly Boss, he asked, in the world chat:

GodsWatch: “I have 9 flowers, anyone want to exchange?”

成王龙马: “9 flowers, ok.”

In the next moment, the following announcements popped up on the screen:

GodsWatch has just expressed his love for 成王龙马 by sending 9 flowers.

成王龙马 has just expressed his love for GodsWatch, by sending 9 flowers.

成王龙马 was called Chinese by the other players, as no one could read his name. Dreamy could read Chinese, but she still called him that.

Chinese was a level 112 mage, who seemed to be GodsWatch’s go-to person for flower exchange. In the male flower rank, he was number 2. GodsWatch was number 3.

Even if it was the male rank, Dreamy was jealous.

“You shouldn’t send flowers to your rival.” she said, in the world chat, even though she had, multiple times, sent flowers to Yuna.

GodsWatch: “I don’t really care about the flower rank.”

Geh. How could he say that, when he was ranked number 3? Dreamy felt the unfairness deep in her soul.

Dreamy: “If only someone would send me flowers…”

John has just expressed his love for Dreamy, by sending 9 flowers.

She had not seen that coming.

“Thank you, John,” she said, “Sorry I can’t return them. Because I’m married.”

“That’s ok.” said John, “Just a friendly gesture.”

Sofia: “I have only 8 flowers, but if I have 9, I send to you.”

Dreamy: “Thank you, Sofia.”

Dreamy wondered if she could get RapidJudge or Zenflood to send her any.


On Valentine’s day, Dreamy had a pole dancing class, so she arrived to the game later than usual.

On her way home, she bought a big chocolate box of 250 grams, containing only milk chocolate, with an assortment of luxurious fillings. She did it as a Valentine’s gift to herself, because even if she had never received chocolate or roses by a guy, she wanted to make the best out of the day.

Along with the chocolate, she had prepared her new favourite, vanilla tea, and dressed up in a leopard patterned see-through babydoll and a purple garter belt on top of a simple, black thong. She also wore a pink wig, and even though no one else would witness her current looks, she was satisfied. Chocolate and tea was all she needed. Well, that and Legend of Stars.

When she logged into the game, she was greeted by the usual crowd.

“Hi, everyone,” she said, “Happy Valentine’s day.”

John: “Happy Valentine’s day. Been on a date?”

Dreamy laughed, “As if. I’ve spent all my Valentine’s days alone.”

John: “What?” *shocked emoji*

John: “How can such a sweet girl spend Valentine’s day alone?”

John: “Don’t worry, we’ll keep you company.”

Sofia: “Yes, we will. But where is GodsWatch?”

John: “Sleeping? I haven’t seen him today.”

Dreamy looked at the clock. It was 9 PM, so 3 PM for him — would he really be sleeping at this time? Well, he was a teenager, after all, and hadn’t she, herself, gotten into a habit to sleep until that time, fairly recently? Only because of starting university again, had she shaken off that habit.

Dreamy, Sofia, and John chatted happily in the world chat while waiting for Heavenly Boss to begin.

GodsWatch didn’t show up for Heavenly Boss, which, to Dreamy’s knowledge, was the first time since the merger.

She found herself wondering why, even while taking a break from the game to watch a gay Rom-Com.

During the killing of Serpentcrawl, the level 100 boss, Dreamy received a PM.

Could it be from Zenflood? Too shy to ask about marriage in the world chat?

While she had guessed correctly on the topic, the sender wasn’t Zen.

When she clicked the little letter symbol that popped up on the screen, she saw that it was from Duskerbeat.

“Hi, Dreamy,” it said.

“Hi.” she typed.

“I’m still up for marriage,” he continued, “What do you say?”

Indeed, what should she say? Duskerbeat was, indeed, a top 10 player, but she barely knew anything about him. He had climbed up to the second rank in the guild, beating Ace and Bone, so it was quite a prestigious offer. Especially if Altairs quit, and didn’t he seem less active, lately?

However, Dreamy hadn’t ruled out Zenflood and RapidJudge, yet, and compared to them, Duskerbeat was weak.

“I’ll think about it.” said Dreamy, “Spear is still a bit active.”

She felt bad about using Spear as an excuse, but on the other hand, she didn’t want to dump Spear while he was still playing — which is why she wanted him to quit. His half-heartedness bothered her.

After killing Serpentcrawl, and moving on to the level 105 boss, Vicious Lion, she opened up the PM interface again, and picked Yuna as recipient.

“Dusker just sent me a PM.” she said, “About marrying me.”

“Oh, my,” said Yuna, “So, what are you going to do?”

Dreamy smirked, “Seduce RapidJudge, of course. And if that doesn’t work, Zenflood.”

“Good girl.” said Yuna.

It took them ten more minutes to kill Vicious Lion, but it would’ve taken longer, if not for RapidJudge’s appearance.

The paying players didn’t participate in events as much, as they didn’t need to. Zenflood was afk:ing (afk=away from keyboard) at the level 120 boss, Bloody Termite, as he often did.

GodsWatch appeared, too, and the moment she saw him, she felt a beat of happiness in her chest. Finally, the real fun would begin.

“Hi, God.” said Dreamy, who didn’t call him Gods, like most of the other players.

“Hi Dreamy.” he said, “Any milk today?”

Dreamy: “No, as usual, no milk.”

GodsWatch: “D:”

John: “So late tonight, a date?”

Dreamy had’t thought about it, but that could be the case. Did the 15 year old troublemaker have a more active love life than she did? She sulked.

GodsWatch: “Nope, had to go to a work training program.”

John: “Work training, that’s good. Did you learn anything?”

GodsWatch: “Nah, but at least I’m getting paid for it.”

GodsWatch: “So soon I’ll be able to show these spoiled brats how to top up.”

Dreamy laughed, “Good luck.”

GodsWatch: “ty.”

GodsWatch: “It sucks though, because I was at the work training,”

GodsWatch: “Curry is ahead of me in the boss killing rank.”

GodsWatch: “And this thing lasts for like two weeks, so.”

John: “Too bad.”

Dreamy: “At least you’re not celebrating Valentine’s day alone,”

Dreamy: “Eating chocolate and wearing an outfit that no one will see.”

John: “What kind of outfit?”

Dreamy was in the training area now, collecting EXP.

GodsWatch: *heart eyes*.

Come out, come out, wherever you are… she thought to Zenflood and RapidJudge, but they made no appearance in the chat. Her attempt to seduce them had failed.

GodsWatch: “Welp gtg again. Karate.”

Dreamy had noticed that he had karate classes every Tuesday and Thursday, and would leave his character afk at the level 110 boss, then come back a bit into Celestial Tree.

At Celestial Tree, Dreamy managed to climb up to the fifth branch, but barely a minute passed, before RapidJudge sent her down.

In the world chat, she asked, “Why? I’m just a tiny Dreamy, why send me down? T_T”

RapidJudge was her most desired candidate for marriage, and it seemed like his lover, Medusa, had actually quit. At least, Dreamy hadn’t seen her online a single time since the merger, and her level hadn’t moved. But why hadn’t RapidJudge remarried?

RapidJudge: “Sorry Dreamy, need kills.”

“Still,” she said, “I want to reach the seventh branch. I’ve never been there T_T”

Zenflood: “Wait ten years.”

It was the first time Zenflood had spoken directly to her.

“Hi, Zen.” she wrote, hoping to seduce him.

“Hi,” he responded.

RapidJudge went on to kill Dreamy a number of times, until she really was sent down to branch 4, where Yuna sat and collected EXP.

“You won’t try to climb with me?” she asked Yuna in the guild chat.

“Too much work,” said Yuna, “besides, Bone isn’t here to protect me.”

“Where is he?” Dreamy asked.

Yuna sighed, “Don’t know, haven’t seen him much lately. It seems like he is getting less active”, sad emoji.

While chatting, Dreamy did her best to kill weaker players on floor 4, but left Yuna alone.

“Like Spear,” mused Dreamy, “They’re so similar, they almost seem like the same person sometimes.”

Yuna laughed, “But in that case, the same could be said about us.”

Dreamy reached enough kills to climb up to the fifth branch, but this time, Zenflood was there to kill her.

“Please, Zen!” she wrote in the world chat, “Please don’t kill me T_T”

Zenflood didn’t respond. Maybe he wasn’t so nice, after all?

Dreamy returned to the guild chat,

“But think about it. Spear almost never talks. Couldn’t that be because he plays two accounts?”

Yuna shook her head with an emoji, “I know what you mean, but I’ve seen them log in on different times.”

“True.” said Dreamy.

Duskerbeat commented, “Playing with two accounts, and talking, it’s not too difficult.”

Dreamy thought about her own alts, and the fact that she had used them to mess with her friends. Indeed, it hadn’t been difficult to switch browsers and chat using two accounts.

“Zen,” she typed in the world chat, “you should send me flowers as comp.”

Zenflood: “Why?”

Dreamy: “Because, I’m a cute girl, I don’t deserve to be killed.”

Dreamy: “And Rapid, you, too.”

She felt like she was fishing for flowers, but it couldn’t be helped — she wanted to be number 1.

Dreamy: “Please?”

Zenflood: “Wait ten years.”


GodsWatch arrived. Dreamy noticed when the system made announcements about his kills.

After climbing up to the fifth branch, he joined the world chat:

GodsWatch: “I should get comp for not getting milk.”

Zenflood: “Wait ten years.”

GodsWatch: “I wonder how Dreamy’s milk tastes.”

Zenflood: “Wait ten years.”

Stuck? And since when would GodsWatch get to taste her milk in ten years?

GodsWatch: “So in ten years, I can taste Dreamy’s milk?”

That definitely wasn’t Zen’s thing to promise.

Dreamy: “In ten years, I still won’t have any milk. I don’t want kids.”

GodsWatch: “Not even this giant baby?”

Dreamy: “No kids.”

Zenflood: “Good choice.”

About the no kids, or the no to the giant baby, GodsWatch? Was Zenflood pleased with her seeming rejection of GodsWatch? That was a good sign. Maybe she was halfway into seducing him? Now, she only had to wait for Spear to quit.

After Celestial Tea, was Aphrodite’s Teatime. Dreamy usually skipped this event, as she preferred to be asleep at that time (3 AM). Well, most of the time, she didn’t attend Celestial Tree, either, and went to sleep after Lucifer’s Inferno, which took place between 12 AM and 12:30 AM. Oftentimes, however, she found it hard to resist keep playing.

At Aphrodite’s Teatime, players could invite whoever they pleased, to have tea and cookies for EXP. While it was a lover’s event, people without lovers could attend, as well, and people with lovers didn’t have to pair up with their lover, although, if they did, their intimacy increased, and they could level up their wedding ring, which boosted the character’s battle power. Dreamy’s wedding ring was at level 49, but players like Yuna and Vegas were light years ahead of her, as were Zenflood and RapidJudge. RapidJudge had the strongest wedding ring, at level 101.

Dreamy tried to invite Zenflood, but it was pointless.

RapidJudge didn’t respond to her invitation, either. He didn’t seem to be online.

She got invites from Duskerbeat and Sofia, but declined both.

Yuna and Bone spent the teatime happily together, so apparently he hadn’t left the game, yet.

Altairs and Vegas were together, as well, as were GodsWatch and Rotervin.

Zenflood attended the event with his alt.

Dreamy knew all this because she ran around Romantic Love Park, the event area, looking for something, though she didn’t know what that was.

Spear logged in five minutes into the event, and they paired up. The game made them sit next to GodsWatch and Rotervin, near a pink waterfall.

The chat was silent, as if everyone had gone to sleep, like Jolie should, but even though it was Tuesday, she didn’t have classes the next day, which meant that staying up late was OK. However, the only interesting thing that happened the rest of that night, was chocolate, and taking funny pictures of herself in her solo Velentine’s day outfit.

GodsWatch and Chinese exchanged flowers, but no one sent any to Dreamy.

Loss of sleep in vain.

The next day, the server was down for two hours, after which all of the players got compensation.

Jolie was an ambitious player, so she had created a number of alts. Slavekun wasn’t the only one. There was Psychie, Slave, Maidchan, Butlersama and Sangie, too. Well, Sangie was her first main character, a VIP 2 swordsman, accidentally male — she had switched to Dreamy a month into the server, as she preferred having a female character.

Each player — that is, each character — got 200 diamonds as compensation for the downtime. Flower could be bought in the shop, and cost 2 diamonds, each.

Jolie calculated: 200+200+200+200+200+200=1200 diamonds.

1200 diamonds meant 600 flowers.

She went to check the ranking, which was following:

  1. Vegas (2250 flowers)
  2. Melody (1800 flowers)
  3. Yuna (1350 flowers)
  4. Laila (1215 flowers)
  5. SteamRocker (1107 flowers)
  6. Nezod (990 flowers)
  7. Dreamy (900 flowers)

Dreamy needed 1350 flowers to reach number 1. Her current amount of diamonds wasn’t nearly enough…

If she bought flowers with all of her diamonds, she would get 1500 flowers, which would give her the rank back, but…

If only there was a way to get more, but at this point there wasn’t. So, she gathered the compensation on her alts’ accounts and started bought flowers, after which she flooded the game with announcements:

Psychie has just expressed her love for Dreamy, by sending 99 flowers. x2

Slavekun has just expressed her love for Dreamy, by sending 99 flowers. x2

Maidchan has just expressed her love for Dreamy, by sending 99 flowers. x2

And so on…

It was still early in the day, 11 AM for Dreamy, which meant that it was still early morning for a lot of people in the server, and not many people saw what she had done. Only her fellow Europeans were online.

John sent a shocked emoji in the world chat:

“Dreamy, is that you?”

Dreamy didn’t say anything. Let him wonder.

Later that day, she boasted about her new rank.

“Guys, check the flower rank. See anything different?” she wrote in the world chat.

Sofia: “What happened? Someone sent you 594 flowers?”

Dreamy: “Yeah, I wonder who.”

Sofia: “You must have a secret admirer. Maybe Zen?”

Dreamy: “Could be.”

John: “It really wasn’t you?”

Dreamy: “Me? How would I send myself flowers?”

High level players, are you watching?

Zenflood: “Nope, wasn’t me.”

Damn. Is this really the moment not to be mysterious, Zen?

Sofia: “Aww, too bad. Maybe Gods?”

GodsWatch? Why would he send her flowers?

Dreamy laughed, “as if.”

GodsWatch didn’t comment. He seemed to be afk.

While gloating over her No. 3 Missy rank, she got a PM from Duskerbeat.

“Hi, Dreamy.” he said, “Have you thought about the marriage?”

She had, and she still wanted to try to persuade Zen or Rapid first.

“If you send me 999 flowers, I’ll marry you.” she said.

“999? I don’t have that many diamonds.”

Then don’t ask for marriage!

“Too bad.” said Dreamy.

At this point, Dreamy had no clue about the level of determination that Duskerbeat possessed, and while he wasn’t intending to send her flowers, he had other methods in mind, to win her over…

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