Chapter 6: The Gold Digger (NaNoWriMo2019 — Our Story)

On the third day of the spring event, GodsWatch announced that he was leaving early, because he had a restaurant thing with his family.

While sulking about the fact, Jolie told him that she wanted to go to a nice restaurant, but her parents never took her to one. Instead, they only went to a certain, well known hamburger place.

GodsWatch: “So jealous, I want to go there.”

Dreamy: “To the cheap hamburger place? Why?”

GodsWatch: “idk, hamburgers are good. We always used to go to a place and spend like 300 usd.”

In one sitting? How much did he eat?

Dreamy: “So much, are you rich?”

GodsWatch: “Nah, but some of my relatives are semi-rich.”

Was GodsWatch the true spoiled brat, that he accused everyone else of being?

Dreamy: “Nice, my family is broke.”

They weren’t broke in the literal sense, but enough to make Jolie feel out of place whenever she entered something fancier than above-mentioned, cheap hamburger place.

Money minded, Jolie continued,

“I wonder how rich Rapid is, seeing how much he spends.”

“Probs rich,” said GodsWatch, “Since he’s paying so much and not even using his own account.”

Dreamy: “What do you mean?”

GodsWatch: “Welp, gtg, they’re calling.”

Dreamy: “But what do you mean?”

No response.

If Rapid wasn’t using his account, who was?

Wondering would do no good, for she wouldn’t be able to conjure the correct answer, so she let it go.

At Lucifer’s Inferno, Jolie met Zenflood and John.

“Hi Zen and John,” she typed in the world chat.

“Hi Dreamy,” said John.

“Hi,” said Zen, “No GW tonight?”

Interesting that he asked her, of all people. Could it be that Zen knew about her feelings? No, he couldn’t possibly. And the question might as well have been directed to John. In fact, it probably was. Nevertheless, Dreamy responded,

“No, he said he’s going out with his family.”

John: “Too bad. Then we can have a date.”

Yes, I’m sure you think a date with me is very bad.

Zenflood: “What am I, air?”

Jolie didn’t know that Zen had humour.

“You can join”, she said with a wink.

Zenflood: “I’ll pass.”

So cold… suddenly, Jolie felt a chill across her skin, and looked towards the window, to see if it might have opened itself, somehow. It hadn’t — it was just the iciness of Zen.

Zenflood: “Hopefully they’ll add more planes soon.”

Was Zen’s unusual chattiness an attempt to take the opportunity to get closer to Dreamy while GodsWatch wasn’t there? What a plot twist! If that was the case.

Zen had reached level 129 already, and was close to level 130. In Lucifer’s Inferno, there were seven floors in total, and level 120 was the requirement to reach the highest level.

He continued, “Nothing to look forward to. What’s the point of leveling up if there’s no reward?”

Dreamy said, sneakily, “Wait ten years.”

She returned his catchphrase right back at him.

Zenflood: “Feels like it.”

Dreamy thought about what to say next, and came up with a witty suggestion,

“There is a reward. A very good one.”

Zenflood: “And what is that?”

Dreamy smirked, “Getting to marry me!” *wink*

John: “haha.”

Why laugh, John? Was it that unlikely?

The bosses spawned, and the chat was quiet while they navigated their way up. When they had completed plane six, and Zen had moved on to seven, he said,

“Thanks, but I’m happy with my alt.”

Of course he was — he was a stubborn prick.

Dreamy: “Ok, then I’ll just marry Rapid.”

Dreamy: “Speaking of marriage, I haven’t seen Spear at all lately. His leveling has stopped.”

John: “He finally left, huh? Too bad I’m not an option.”

Dreamy and John fought the same group of monsters in a lit part of the cave, where there was a cave painting of gold, the game currency’s coins, in the background, when suddenly, a fly started buzzing in the chat,

CreeperPeter: “Because she’s a gold digger.”

Dreamy: “Huh?”

John: “Yeah, who are you to call her that?”

CreeperPeter was one of the leeches that regularly stole chests in Morpheus’ Lair. He had appeared quite recently, only a few days ago, but wasn’t a completely new player, judging by the fact that his sword was at level five, which only made his leeching even more despicable.

Dreamy had told him to stop leeching a couple of times, but as they were in the same guild, she hadn’t been able to kill him, nor had she been able to make Zen do it for her.

CreeperPeter: “Well, I’ve seen her chats, so.”

CreeperPeter: “Total gold digger.”

CreeperPeter: “She only wants to marry Rapid and Zen because they’re rich.”

While Jolie thought about how to defend herself in the most clever way, John got ahead of her,

“So?” he said, “Let her. A fine lady deserves the best.”


CreeperPeter: “Fine lady? Dude, Dreamy is probably a guy.”

Jolie, a guy? She was as far from being a guy as she could possibly be.

John: “Believe me, she is not.”

How could he be so sure?

CreeperPeter: “You’ve seen her?”

John: “No, but I can tell. No guy would talk like her.”

How did she talk? Jolie made sure to take screen shots of the conversation — she would post it in the group chat, later.

CreeperPeter: “She could be an expert. Don’t get fooled.”

An expert in what? Pretending to be a girl in a game, for what purpose?

What did this little shrimp even have against her? Was he that salty about being called a leech and told to stop stealing chests from her? But those were her kill rewards, so if anyone should be salty, it was she.

She clicked on his name to check his stats, and found out that he was a level 78 mage, with only 200k in battle power.

She knew from before that he was weak, but not that he was that weak.

Dreamy decided to be comical,

“Yes, I am a guy,” she said, “you got me.”

John: *shocked emoji*

CreeperPeter: “See, I told you. Don’t trust female characters.”

Zenflood: “Says the male character who isn’t man enough to be a gentleman.”

Ooh, burn! The conversation went on rapidly, and Jolie did her best to keep up with the screen shots. She had to paste them in a certain image app, then save, so it took some time — especially since she couldn’t see the whole chat at once, and thus could only screen shot a few rows at a time.

CreeperPeter: “Acting all mighty, just because you’re rich.”

CreeperPeter: “Yeah, you two should marry each other.”

CreeperPeter: “Two birds of a feather.”

What a salty kid. Jolie was certain that Creeper couldn’t have passed teenage. Adults had a different way of arguing.

John: “I wish this guy wasn’t in SS, I could PK him.”

Dreamy nodded, “Agreed. Creep, are you coming to Celestial Tree?”

CreeperPeter: “I don’t know.”

You better.

John: “Come. Me and Dreamy will show you something.”

Dreamy: “You’re coming, John? What about sleep?”

John: “I can miss it for this. Worth it.”

“Ok,” said Creeper, “I’ll be there.”

Jolie wondered why he so willingly walked into his own grave.

At Celestial Tree, Dreamy and John did as promised: They showed CreeperPeter how to die, over and over again.

Like a true leech, Creeper was resilient, and didn’t give up. Sadly, though, they could only kill him so many times before they were sent up to the next branch, and Creeper was so weak that he stayed on the first.

While climbing branches and dissing Creeper, Jolie saw that GodsWatch was back.

The system announced that he killed CreeperPeter.

“Nice,” said Dreamy, “Creeper insulted me before :(“

Well, perhaps insult was the wrong word.

GodsWatch: “What, he insulted my Dreamy?”

There is was again: His Dreamy. His

“Yeah,” said Dreamy, “so kill him a lot.”

GodsWatch: “Already on it.”

After climbing up to the second branch, he said,

“Welp, if I wasn’t too lazy to log in my alt, I could kill him more.”

“I posted the screen shots in the group chat,” she said.

GodsWatch went silent. Was he checking? But Dreamy got too busy avoiding getting killed by RapidJudge to concentrate on that.

“Please, don’t kill me.” she said, “I’m innocent.”

She continued, “How can you kill a cute girl like me?”

Dreamy: “You should marry me as compensation.”

CreeperPeter: “Stop being such a gold digger.”

John laughed, “A male gold digger, I don’t want to see that.”

GodsWatch: “D: My Dreamy is a gold digger?”

So he wasn’t checking the group chat?

CreeperPeter: “Yeah, so you should escape while you can from that man*****”

GodsWatch: “Welp, time to log in my alt.”

After a couple of moments, someone named AlyssaMorgan started killing CreeperPeter.

Even his alt was stronger than Creeper.

The earlier chilliness from Zen was as blown away with — ironically — the wind. It was replaced with a gentle warmth, that slowly, but intensely, and actually faster than she realized, heated up the snow town that was the inside of her chest — she was the snow queen, and he was summer. She was an ice cream, and he was, well, a mouth. She laughed to herself, about making him a mouth in her analogy.

When GodsWatch reached the fourth branch, where Dreamy sat and gathered EXP, he PK:d (player kill) her.

“Why?” she said, “so mean.”

“Need kills to climb.” he said.

“Then kill John.”

“But I want my sword to go in you more.”

Jolie looked away from the screen, and lifted her fingers from the keyboard, then look back, to see:

CreeperPeter: “Too bad she only wants Rapid and Zen’s swords in her.”

Jeez, would this kid ever shut up and stop slandering her?

GodsWatch: “I wish there was a way to climb down on this thing, without getting killed.”

He wanted to climb down and silence the foul-mouthed leech? For her? That alone was enough.

“Too bad,” said CreeperPeter, “You can’t kill me, so what are you gonna do?”

After that, GodsWatch mentioned a few things that he could do to him, which were similar to what he intended to do to Duskerbeat in the group chat.

Jolie watched and enjoyed, and made sure to screen shot.

After Celestial Tree, it was Aphrodite’s Teatime. Spear wasn’t there, but Dreamy met Yuna, whom she also hadn’t seen for a few days, because of sleeping early.

“Yuna!” she said, “Join me for the party?”

Yuna joined Dreamy, and they chatted.

“Dreamy,” she said, “I think I will quit this game soon.”

Dreamy had suspected it. Over the last couple of weeks, after Bone’s dissapearing, she had gotten less and less active. Even if Dreamy had been sleeping early, she could see it on Yuna’s slow leveling, and the fact that she was getting closer to her in the ranking.

At this point, Dreamy was at level 115, and Yuna 117, ranked 12. If it continued like this, it would take Dreamy less than two weeks to pass her friend.

“That’s too bad.” said Dreamy, “I’ve had fun with you.”

But she looked forward to climbing in the ranks.

“Yeah,” said Yuna, “me too, but I’m sad about Bone.”

She really liked him, huh?

Dreamy thought again, about what she would think if GodsWatch quit. Sadness wouldn’t cover the range of feelings that she would be having, nor did it go as deep. No, it would be something of a different category altogether, something she couldn’t put words on, but it was significant, and the damage might be irreversible — she had never met anyone with whom she could connect with, the way she did with him.

Dreamy paused her thoughts. Seeing it that way, it was pretty severe, this whole thing, which is why she shook it off — for now.

Then Yuna said, “I will leave my character here, but I have to go back to work.”

“Ok,” said Dreamy, “good luck with work.”

“Thank you.”, heart emoji.

Yuna had been one of Dreamy’s first friends in LoS. Her most fun memory with her was the time when she and her threw a pajama party in the chat, and Bone and Kink spied on it, after which they got whipped by the girls — it was night, and they were all bored.

The next day, Dreamy got a PM from Duskerbeat, shortly after she logged in,

“Hi, Sweetie,” he said, “Will you tell me what is your name soon?”

Why would she?

“Why?” she said.

“I want to know. By the way, my name is Hans.”

Hans? What a boring name.

She wondered what GodsWatch’s real name was. Something on G? Or W? While that was easiest to imagine, it probably wasn’t the case.

In Swedish, Hans meant his. It reminded her of how GodsWatch had called her his. Thinking about it made her swoon. Even if he wasn’t serious, never had anyone said something like that to her before. And to think that a 15 year old would be the first one…

Later that day, she had a pole dancing class, and upon her return from it, she made it known in the chat,

“Pole dancing was nice today,” she said, “I learned a new trick.”

GodsWatch took the bait. No, not bait. Jolie, restrain yourself.

“Show me.” he said.



“I don’t have any.”


Even if she did, she still wouldn’t show him.

Duskerbeat joined,

“You dance pole? ***y dance?”

Dreamy sighed at his entrance, but pretended not to mind. For the sake of not letting GodsWatch know her feelings, everyone must be equal.

“Yeah.”, forced wink.

Zenflood: “The exotic type, or sport?”

Even a big fish like Zen could be caught with this bait? Jolie noted.

“Sport,” she said, “But I might learn the exotic type later on.”

Lantos joined,

“I have a female friend who runs a studio. I hear it’s a good workout.”

“Yeah,” said Dreamy, surprised that not all of them took it in a sexual way. But then again, all of them took the bait, so maybe they did. She felt like the queen bee, and all of the guys were swarming around her.

John: “Will we ever get to see Dreamy’s beautiful dancing?”

CreeperPeter: “She’ll only show it to Rapid or Zen.”

Enter the mood killing leech.

CreeperPeter: “Because a filthy gold digger like her would easily sell her body.”

This guy… Jolie thought about the best way to deal with him, but Morpheus’ Lair was coming up, so she would soon get to see him get PK:d.

Lantos: “Watch your mouth, kid, that’s not a way to speak to a woman.”

CreeperPeter: “Maybe because I’m not speaking to a woman.”

CreeperPeeter: “Because Dreamy is a man*****”

At least I’m more man than you are, leeching coward.

Lantos: “wtf?”

John: “Yes, Lantos you didn’t know?”


Lantos: “Really? Dreamy isn’t a woman?”

John: “Sadly no, I saw his pic, and is old man with beard.”

GodsWatch: “My Dreamy is an old bearded man? D:”

Dreamy couldn’t help but smile, amused, and joined in,

Dreamy: “Unfortunately, yes.”

GodsWatch: “Welp, I guess it might sting a bit when we kiss then.”

She melted. Old man aside, she had to take a screen shot of the fact that he mentioned a kiss between them.

John: “You want Dreamy as a bearded man?”

GodsWatch: “bc Dreamy is mine.”

He was that determined? But he was joking, Jolie reminded herself. There was no way that he could be serious. It was a bearded old man, for god’s sake.

John: “Ok, GodsWatch you win. You are better man than me.”

Duskerbeat: “Because GodsWatch would even *** with a cow.”

He referred to their previous conversation in the chatcord group, in which Dusker told GodsWatch to look for a cow if he wanted milk, and John asked GodsWatch not to have sex with a cow, because apparently in male brains: milk = sex with cows.

Lantos: “What the ****? Have I missed something?”

Poor Lantos, he seemed genuinely confused.

Dreamy assured him, “Just stupid things.”

This time, to Dreamy’s surprise, GodsWatch attended Morpheus’ Lair.

“Yay, God is here,” said Dreamy, with a smile.

“Not my fault, I had to come and kill that Creeper for insulting my Dreamy.”

Menting again, Jolie thought that him being there was definitely not a fault, in any way.

CreeperPeter: “I don’t care if you kill me.”

CreeperPeter: “I just tell facts.”

CreeperPeter: “If you don’t want to believe me, it’s your problem.”

In the center boss area, as Dreamy collected chests, she saw Creeper attempt to leech chests, after having stood on the sidelines during the killing, but failing to get a single one, as GodsWatch PK:d him every time. Lovely sight.

As GodsWatch was busy killing Creeper, he didn’t collect chests, which meant, no flowers for Dreamy.

She asked Zen for flowers, but got the usual no, after which Creeper accused her of being a gold digger again.

Dreamy decided to take an offensive stance,

“So, what’s wrong with being a gold digger?”

Dreamy: “Yes, I am a gold digger.”

Dreamy: “I want to marry rich, and live well.”

Dreamy: “Nothing wrong with that.”

“Nothing wrong?” said Creeper, “Except, you’re a lying fraud.”

GodsWatch: “Seems like this kid wants to get banned.”


CreeperPeter: “Try to get me banned, then.”

GodsWatch: “Maybe I will.”

Creeper was a pain, but Jolie didn’t mind if he continued to accuse her — as long as it meant more things like this from GodsWatch.

He was playing, defending her because she was a girl in the game. Well, a girl who didn’t top up — after all, he wouldn’t have the same attitude towards Kay. But even if it wasn’t real, even if he simply played a role, she liked it, and would play with him, for as long as he did. She wasn’t breaking her rules by doing so.

This was good. It was perfect. If only she could maintain this state of things, everything would be great, but maintaining is impossible in a changeable world, and thus it was inevitable for things to evolve, and Jolie would eventually have to face that fact, whether she wanted to or not. She was aware of that, but couldn’t foresee how soon her foot would step over the edge, and she would fall deeper into the lands of forbidden love…

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