Chapter 8: The First Forbidden Night (NaNoWriMo2019 — Our Story)

After his second top up, GodsWatch ranked number 7, while Dreamy remained at number 13. The gap between them felt wider than ever, but Jolie intended to go against her rationality and narrow that space, which is why she, on the last day of the spring event, baked cupcakes.

The cupcakes were meant to be snacks for an all-nighter, in which she was going to chat with GodsWatch.

Well, part of the reason was to chat with him; another was to get hits on the bosses, in order to climb in the event ranking. She was close to a top 3 spot.

At that point, Altairs and Vegas had both quit, as had Bone, Ace and Spear. Kink, too, was nowhere to be seen. New people that Jolie had never gotten to know, had disappeared, too. Thus, there weren’t many players competing for the top spots in the boss killing rank.

GodsWacth was ranked number 1, but he had other plans for the night. And so, her own plans had to change…

“God,” she said when she saw the system announcing his spinning in the Wheel of Fortune, “hi.”

“Hi, sorry don’t have time to talk, going away for a while.”


“How long?”

A week? A few days? A month? Forever? Jolie dreaded his response.

“Just a couple hours, probs,” he said, and her night — and life — was saved, or so she thought, but reality would prove otherwise. His presence would cause more harm than good, in certain aspects.

Determined to have an epic night, in spite of his announcement of a brief departure, Jolie grabbed her first cupcake and took a bite. Delicious, dangerous and dramatic.

“I have cupcakes,” she teased.

“D: Nu fair. Give me.”

“I will, when you come back.” she winked, marking the start of a her first forbidden night.

Now, she was ensured to be able to chat with him later. All of her rules breaking, but that was irrelevant. Cupcakes didn’t adhere to human logic.

GodsWatch: “They’re calling, gtg.”

Dreamy: “See you later,” another wink.

What was she doing?

Five cupcakes later, Dreamy entered Lucifer’s Inferno, where she stayed on plane six, hiding in the part of the cave in which she had killed monsters with GodsWatch.

Thinking about it, that may have been the first time their characters were together. From that moment on, the cave with the lava lake became one of the most romantic spot in the entire game. It didn’t beat the starry places, but it was rather good, still.

Stuffing herself with cupcake after cupcake, Jolie turned on some music she used to listen to in her lower teen years. Techno entered her ears and found life through her dancing body — getting the max out of the cupcake effect.

She stood up and danced in her room, let the music rock her body. If only she had a pole, she thought, then she could practise the tricks she had learned in class.

Impulsively, she decided to become a pole dancing champion and ordered a pole online, setting her back about 300 usd. It was worth it. She needed to be best at something.

Speaking of being best, she had to be the best for GodsWatch. No longer could she remain at rank 13. No, it had to change, and wasn’t that the purpose of this night?

She ignored all of the reasoning that was left in her mind, and clicked on the ominous top-up icon.

A new browser opened, on which she could choose between several top-up options, the lowest being 5 usd, and the highest 1000. Whoever payed that much, must be insane, she thought, and as she was perfectly sane, she picked the 300 usd option — the same amount that she had payed for the pole, so it wasn’t unreasonable.

After paying, she went back into the game, in which she saw that she had 1200 diamonds. 1200 was a decent amount. What was she going to do with it? But before that, she had to claim all of the top-up rewards available; the daily top-up reward, the accumulative top-up reward… Hm, in the accumulative reward, she was 600 diamonds away from getting a fashion outfit.


After a few minutes of thinking and eating cupcakes for brain power, she went back to the top-up interface, and paid another 150 usd. Not unreasonable.

When GodsWatch returned, Dreamy was a VIP 6 in the middle of climbing Celestial Tree. Her battle power had increased to 1.5 million, while he was at 2 million, and her rank had moved up to number 8, meaning they were next to each other again. The universe was aligned.

She didn’t notice him until he was on the same floor. There, she could tell who he was, in spite of the game not showing character names during the event — he was the only one using Orion’s Sword, a golden and shining, gigantic piece of murder weapon. In the past, Zen had used it as well, until his main sword reached level 10.

“Don’t kill me!” said Dreamy.

“Oops, didn’t know it was you,” said GodsWatch, after having brutally slayed her a couple of times.

They were on branch five. It was empty, but for the two of them, and surrounded by stars. All of the branches above five were starry, supposedly, but in increasing amounts the higher you got — she had been told.

“hi :3” he said, “any cupcakes left for me?”

Jolie felt playful,

“Yeah, I have…” she counted, “15 left, so theres plenty. I’ve eaten 13.”

Zenflood: “You ate 13 cupcakes? And didn’t die?”

For the first time, Jolie felt like Zen was in the way.

Dreamy: “They’re mini cupcakes.”

After being asked not to kill Dreamy, GodsWatch had sat down next to her, at the edge of the arena.

Zenflood: “Makes more sense. I’d be dead and buried if I ate 13 cupcakes.”

Dreamy sent a laughing emoji.

GodsWatch: “Why, it’s ez. Just swallow them.”

Zenflood: “I’m talking about the after effect.”

GodsWatch: “Hmm, must be an old person thing.”

Dreamy: “Want me to kill you?”

GodsWatch: “Sure, I don’t mind being chopped up be ***y Dreamy.”


Dreamy: “How do you know that I’m ***y?”

“Hmmm,” said GodsWatch, “bc my Dreamy is ***y.”

His Dreamy. Indeed, she was, but he didn’t know how much.

Zenflood: “Feeling like the third wheel here, so going afk.”

Zen, the third wheel. Who could’ve guessed? In a normal world, GodsWatch would’ve been the third wheel, and Zen the main wheel, simply going by ages. Not that Zen’s age was known. Like many things Zen, it was a mystery, and he hadn’t responded to anyone’s attempt to find out.

“Good,” said GodsWatch.

After a couple of minutes, though, the event ended, and Aphrodite’s Teatime began.

“Brb to get a snack.” said GodsWatch at the beginning of the event, and Jolie had expected to wait a couple of minutes, but it turned out being the entire duration of the event.

She had yet to receive a reaction on her new rank, fashion and battle power.

Her new fashion consisted of a light pink skirt and a blue crop top. It came with a new, luminous pink hairstyle, in which her wavy hair was let to hang loose and flow with her movements. She was a sea glistening in a pink sunset.

As GodsWatch wasn’t there, she could only communicate with other people:

“Zen, send me flowers,” she typed in the world chat, with a wink.

No response.

Well then,

“Anyone, send me flowers <3”

Nighttime alone made her act like a drunk, according to a number of witnesses, but the sugar in the cupcakes only increased her hyperactivity.

“Come on,” she said, “pretty please?”, puppy eyes.

After a couple of minutes, she finally got a response from Zen.

“Wait 10 years.” he said.

Jolie burst into laughter. How long had it been since she laughed out loud? Too long, but that said, she was actually whisper laughing, not wanting to wake up her roomie.

“You’ll send me flowers in ten years?” she typed, amused.

“No.” said Zen.

Damn, not even in ten years? That was harsh.

“So mean :(” she said, “Meanflood.”

Sofia showed up,

“Dreamy! If I get in Morpeus, I send you.”

Jolie hadn’t seen Sofia in several days, and thought that he had quit.

“Where have you been?” she asked, “I haven’t seen you lately.”

“Yeah, I was busy with work.”

Work? Didn’t he say that he was a little boy? Well, people said all sorts of things in games.

Sofia: “You still haven’t married Zen?”

Jolie shook her head regretfully in real life, to the beat of the music,

“No, not yet.”

“Yet?” said Zen, “Wait 10 years.”

Jolie laughed at his contradiction.

“Send me flowers,” she winked again.

Zenflood: “Try again. The number you dialed is not in service.”

Dreamy: “I’ll just have to dial again, then.”

When Morpheus’ Lair began, Jolie didn’t see GodsWatch there, and her heart sank.

She collected flowers from the bosses, with the intention of asking him for the exchange that he so often did with other people, but he didn’t show.

Whether it was the cupcake effect or her inability to fight it any longer, she opened up the PM interface, picked GodsWatch as recipient, and typed,

“Where are you?”

She sent the message at 3:37 AM, after which her heart stopped.

The response came at 3:57, and her heart resumed its regular activity.

“Sorry, was afk.” he said.

You don’t say?

“Why weren’t you at Morpheus’ Lair?”

In the background, her character sat next to Zen, collecting EXP. The bosses had died and all of the chests had been collected. Zen let her collect 10 of them at the center boss, but she collected 37 in total, and gained 15 flowers.

“I never go. Too many people.”

Too many people? Four people had participated: she, Zen, John and Chinese.

“Only four.” she said.

“I see.”

You see? Do you really?

She typed in the world chat,

“If only someone would send me flowers.”

She added, “or exchange.”

GodsWatch, why are you not sending me flowers?

Her stomach was full of cupcakes and her head up in the clouds, but one thing was clear to her — there was no going back now, and that’s why she let go of all her inhibitions, and with that mindset she entered the next event — Minefield War.

In Minefield War, players collected crystals and competed against the other guilds, about who collected the most crystals. BBF had the most members, so they won on most days. But that was because Dreamy didn’t participate. With her participation, things might change.

However, her main objective with the event wasn’t to collect crystals — it was to be insane, apparently.

Indeed, what she was doing was pure insanity. Flirting with a 15 year old, what else could it be? If not… love? No, don’t go there, she thought, don’t… But it was too late, she was already there. Her mind had already entered the most forbidden of places; she had explored a room beneath a staircase, then had the stairs removed, and thus stuck in the land of inappropriate romance.

The love she thought of wasn’t the fun thing she had intended to keep in the game. No, it was one of the irreplaceable type, that she couldn’t lose, ever, and that’s why she must fight for it — she must obtain it.

No, it was insanity. But cupcakes didn’t read human logic.

She ran to the edge of the event map, to the most beautiful place in the entire game. It was a cliff, and beyond the edge was endless stars. Once upon a time, she’d had a date with Spear, right there.

“I’m here,” she typed in the chat, and sent her location, then continued,

“the night is beautiful,”

“the stars shine bright,”

“space is endless,”

“and so is this,”

With ‘this’, she referred to the love that she felt, and its intensity — the feeling that she and GodsWatch belonged together.

There was nothing to convince her otherwise. The cupcakes had spoken, and while her stomach was starting to hurt, they kept speaking,

“Dreams are beautiful,”

“And so is love.”

She knew that GodsWatch couldn’t possibly know what she was rambling about, and smiled about it. He was a clueless teenager, and perhaps that was for the best. That way, he wouldn’t respond to her insanity. He wouldn’t see what she felt.

“God,” she typed, “come here.”

She sent her location again.

A few moments later, his character approached.

“What’s here?” he asked.

Jolie’s stomach was reaching its cupcake limit, and she took a couple of breaths to calm it down. Was it the cupcakes, though, or was it the butterflies that awakened from seeing him there?

She felt dizzy.

It was the cupcakes. Definitely the cupcakes.

“Can’t… live…” she typed,

“Killed… by…. cupcakes,”

“Revive… me…”

GodsWatch stood next to the place where she sat.

“*revives Dreamy*” he typed, “Are you ok?”

“I don’t know,” she said, “I feel like I’m dying.”

She really did. Oh, why had she embarked on this insane night? Why had she baked all those cupcakes? But the stomach ache wouldn’t be the only aftermath of this night. Her whole life would change.

“You need to cure me,” she said, “heal me.”

“What’s wrong?”

While Jolie wondered how he hadn’t figured it out already, he sat down next to her.

“I killed my stomach,” she said, “or, the cupcakes did.”

GodsWatch said, “*eats all of the cupcakes so they don’t hurt Dreamy’s stomach.”

How sweet.

“But won’t they kill your stomach, then?”

“Nu, I’m made of steel.”

She laughed, “ok.”

Jolie lay down on her bed, and moved the laptop in front of her face.

“I feel so bad,” she said.

“*rubs Dreamy’s stomach*”.

He was 15, but he knew to rub her stomach when she was in pain? If a cupid’s arrow had hit her before, it was digging even deeper now, piercing her heart like a skewer.

“Thank you.” she said, then send a dizzy emoji.

“Are you ok?” he asked again.

Was she?

“Yeah,” she typed, “it just hurts.”

For the rest of the event, GodsWatch sat there and talked to her, instead of chasing crystals. BBF lost to CL, thanks to Curry, but GodsWatch didn’t complain.

“Maybe you should sleep,” he suggested.

“No, I can’t sleep like this. Will you keep me company?”


She was smitten, and this stomach ache might as well have been a result of that. Well, in a way, it was. If it hadn’t been for her crush, she wouldn’t have made the cupcakes in the first place. Maybe it was her unconscious mind, knowing that something like this would happen, and doing it on purpose? After all, she had gotten a stomach ache the last time she ate too many cupcakes, too.

As the night progressed, along with the pain, so did Jolie’s feelings of affection.

“Do you regret not winning Minefield?” she asked, around 5 AM.”

“No, I’ll just win it tomorrow, and beat the crap out of Curry.”

She smiled, “Do that.”

“But you better be sleeping then,” he said with a doubting emoji, “no killing your stomach again.”

Now, she felt definite butterflies.

“I won’t.” she said.

It couldn’t be one-sided. Him acting like this, being caring towards her, it must be mutual, right?

“I need flowers,” she said, not giving up on them.

Even if she would soon be able to send herself over 5000 flowers, thanks to the ten day long spring event, she still wanted flowers from GodsWatch.

“I only have 3.” he said.

Because you wasted them all on Chinese. She resented Chinese for stealing her flowers, and GodsWatch’s affection (the last part purely fictional).

“If you went to events, you would have more.”

GodsWatch took a few moments to answer,

“Then, maybe I’ll try going to events,” he sent another doubting emoji.

“Ok,” she said, with a smile, “But send them to me, not Chinese.”

What was she saying? She was basically pouring her heart out all over him, as if the stomach ache made her vomit affection.

Curled up in her blanket, she felt cared for and nurtured — something she hadn’t felt for a long time, if ever. Jolie had a tendency to keep a distance with people, so when she suffered, no one knew.

“Ok,” he said.

Ok? He would send her flowers? Him doing that, meant more to her than if Zen did.

“Did you see my new rank?” she asked, around 5:15.

“Yeah,” he said with a doubting emoji.

“Will you dislike me like you dislike Curry and Kay now?”


“Why not?”

“bc you’re mine.”

Dreamy smiled. She was excluded from his wrath towards p2w players. She was special.

“What if I pass you?” she teased.

“Hmm… then I’ll have to spank you, jkjk.”

Spank? She did not expect that, but laughed. Surely, he wouldn’t actually do it. Although, love was, in a way, a very painful spanking.

As the pain in her stomach began to lessen, around 5:50, her eyes began to feel droopy.

“I’m sleepy.” she said.

“Then sleep.”

“I don’t want to.” I want to stay with you, don’t want this night to end…

“Welp, I’ll go to bed in 10 minutes.” he said.

So soon? Her heart grieved.

“Ok,” she said, and as she felt the fatigue of the night hit her body, she felt relief that she soon had no reason to stay up, and could rest.

While the night had resulted in pain, she did not regret it.

When the clock was 6 AM, GodsWatch said,

“I’m going to bed now, so you better sleep too.”

“I will,” she said.

“Good. Sleep well <3”

Heart?! Oh, my…

“Goodnight <3” she swooned as she returned the heart, that marked the end of her first forbidden night.

Still feeling half awful, she closed her eyes and drifted off to dreamland, in which she didn’t see GodsWatch, but she did see many cupcakes.

Fatal cupcakes. Deadly, sweet, danger-inducing sugar bombs. Jolie would think twice before she ate any of those again. From now on, she would only act rationally. Or so she thought, but as always, she was severely wrong about that.

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