Chapter 11: The Plan (NaNoWriMo2019 — Our Story)

Cosmic Lights was a small guild. Its leader was Curry, a level 123 warrior who had recently been surpassed by a level 125 swordsman by the name GodsWatch. Curry was number 5 in the ranking, with two million in battle power, while GodsWatch was number 4, with 2.5 million.

Dreamy was ranked 6, with a battle power of 2.2 million, and in between them was Kay, with 2.4 million.

It was a close fight, but Dreamy and GodsWatch were determined to win it.

It was early April, and the two of them had gotten into the habit of talking daily in Dreamy’s Room, the chatcord channel.

After having failed to get married, the relationship between them was strained, but not unmendable. In fact, Jolie had a plan as to how she could remedy the whole situation.

The key aspect of the plan was the Cosmic Lights guild…

On a grey Tuesday morning, Jolie looked out of her window, and saw clouds drifting by. She sucked on one end of a chocolate bar and mused. Her textbook lay open on her table, untouched, and LoS was open on her laptop, with her character auto battling in the training area. The music playing in the background was epic, suiting her mood.

The tunes sviveling in the air before entering her ears were that of a battlefield, and that was exactly what she was about to enter. But it wasn’t a real battle, as her team was doomed to win, as long as…

If only GodsWatch would say yes, but how could she best present the plan to him, in order to get an approval?

She thought hard and long, in her bathtub and on the road, inside dreams and embedded in songs, until the answer came to her. An eureka moment that would lead her to victory.

In LoS, there was an event called Escorting Carriage, in which each player had 2-3 chances of escorting a carriage of gold into the goal location. If the escort was completed successfully, without thieving looters stealing the gold, it would be the player’s to keep. In the same way, Jolie would go about with her plan.

The gold was the objective of the plan, and the carriage her conveying. It had to be done correctly, and precisely, in order not to get snatched by other people, or disapproved by the other party.

She must not speak to it with anyone but him, no matter how hard it was to keep her mouth shut, and so, from the moment of the hatching (around 2 PM), to the moment of conveying, she kept complete silence.

It was around 9 PM, that she could finally begin to tell him. After lectures, pole class and grocery shopping, in which she had bought three bars of battle chocolate.

Her love was a battlefield, too, and there were plenty of mines to avoid. Dusker had merely been one of them. His attempt at stealing her like he stole RapidJudge’s account had seemingly succeeded, but that was only on the surface. In reality, her heart was still with GodsWatch, as was her intentions.

The next chapter, she would be the one to write. Duskerbeat no longer had a say. He was an obsolete minor character, his story completed — at least to his belief, but she would prove to him… she would prove, once and for all, that she had the power to obtain her true love, and didn’t need to be stuck with settling for Gaston.

She, Belle or not, would win her Beast, and they would live happily ever after. No matter what — as long as he felt it, too. That was crucial, for if he didn’t, there was no point in any of it, really. But he did, didn’t he? He must, for why else would he talk to her every day?

Trust your intuition, Jolie. Just move forward.

“God,” she said to him when he logged in, just before the first Heavenly Boss.

Heavenly Boss was the one time in which she was sure to meet GodsWatch. Other events, he liked to skip, but this one, for some reason, he always attended.

“hi Dreamy :3” he said.

Acting all cutesy, hiding the brutality that is your rejection of me. No, he was simply being friendly.

“I have a plan,” she said, “but we can’t talk about it here.”

“Why not?” he said.

“Because it’s secret. No one else can know.”

He smirked, “I like the sound of that.”

Of course you do, you think it’s sexual. But not even close.

After the level 105 boss, GodsWatch came to her room, and sent her a baby bottle and an eggplant. Odd combination, one that must be forbidden. GodsWatch himself was a forbidden creature, living in a castle behind a mask, but Jolie could break in. She was already halfway there. Thorns and thistles she’d all walked through, come out with bleeding limbs and a dripping heart, but stronger than ever, and invincible.

If he was a god, she was a goddess. Yes, that was their roles in this game, what they were meant to be, for they were Vega and Altair, the real life edition.

“I didn’t actually mean in here.” she said.

“Then where did you mean?”

She sent him a clever emoji, “If I say it in here, what if we get hacked? Who knows what John and Dusker are capable of.”

“I see,” he said, “So where?”

She smirked in real life, “During escort, by the gates of the Cosmic Galaxy Stairwell.”

It was a dramatic enough location, featuring a huge stairwell leading up to heaven, and space. They couldn’t climb it, but the effect of its grandness would still be there, along with the glistening stars in the background, and the mysterious, purple flowers on the ground. The trees were made of metals, and the branches reached out like magnificent ballerinas dipped in gold and diamonds. The sky shifted in colour; illuminating, dark, and fearless.

“Ok,” said GodsWatch, and while they waited for that time to come, tension grew in Jolie.

“I’m so curious,” said GodsWatch, several times, and she bathed in the glory of having sparked his curiosity. For once, she felt that she was the one grasping the power.

He was a piece on her chessboard — the most important piece, the king, while she was the queen, and forever they would reign.

In order to prepare for battle, Jolie cleansed herself with a ginger aroma bath and fennel tea, with hints of liquorice. She had liquorice candy, as well, to balance out the sweetness of the chocolate. It was a perfect blend, and her plan was flawless.

At 1 AM, Escorting Carriage began, and the two of them met at the designated spot.

She opened the first bar and attached her lips to one of the corners, letting it melt in her mouth. Slowly, but surely, just like her love story with GodsWatch was meant to play out…

The scenery was overwhelmingly silvery today, with distinct sparks of purple. It was magnetic, perfect, and Jolie knew that she couldn’t have picked a better time or place.

Their characters stood facing each other in front of the stairwell, making it look like the grandest of altars. In time, it would be.

She opened up the PM interface, and picked GodsWatch as a recipient.

“God,” she said, “Ok, I’ll tell you now.”

“K, just wait a sec, have to guard my carriage.”

And so, he popped away. Teleported into who knows where. That guy! Teenagers, they knew no difference between right and wrong, timely and untimely, but she would teach him, for sure. Everything she knew, she would teach him, like a perfect older woman fantasy. Indeed, if that’s what he needed her to be, that’s what she would be.

No, Jolie, don’t get sucked into it, just be you. Indeed, she must be herself, and nothing else. She listened to her almost 23 year old wisdom.

After a couple of minutes, GodsWatch appeared again.

“Now, will you stay here?” she asked, as it was crucial for her plan that he stayed put, and maintained as much focus as possible on her words.

“Yeah, until I have to check it again,” he said.

So, no.

“How long?” she asked, factually.

Sometimes, the biggest obstacle of the plan was the least expected. But this time, she had expected his aloofness. She knew him enough to anticipate it, and thus had to work around it.

“Tell me when you’re done. 100% done.” She said, and clarified.

“Ok,” he said, and ten minutes later, after a couple of more vanishings, he announced, “I’m done.”

“Good,” she said, and finally, it was time to share her epic plan with him.

Would he like it? Would he say yes? Surely, he must. If he had agreed to her suggestiion of moving to SS to be a guild leader, there was no reason why he wouldn’t agree to this…

“What do you say…” she started dramatically,

“About?” he asked when she didn’t continue, prolonging the dramatic effect.

“About taking over CL.”

Yes, the plan was a take over. A brutal battle in which only Curry could lose, and how could GodsWatch say no to that? But he might, unless he was convinced enough.

“Before you say anything,” she said, “Think about the battle power you would get, and the glory. I would be the field marshal, and you would be the guild leader.”

This was an even better option than the initial one, as she could have a high power role as well.

“You’d be the direct ruler of Curry, don’t you want that? And we’d be a power couple, even better than Altairs and Vegas, and Fay and Ace.”

“Who’s Fay and Ace?”

“Nevermind that,” she said, “You don’t know them.”

Fay and Ace had been ranked number 2 and 1 in her original, pre-merger server, before Fay quit. She was her role model.

“Don’t say idk,” she urged, “just think about it. Envision us standing on the top of the world.”

She continued, “I sent you a link in my room.”

Another aspect of the plan, that would lead her to success. She had shared a link to an epic nightcore playlist. Dramatic battle music would surely make him in the mood for a takeover.

Jolie felt the brilliance of her being float inside her veins, gloating about the soon-to-be-grasped success of the takeover. Her fingers tickled and her eyes sparkled.

“Nice,” he said.

“So, do you see it? Us ruling CL?”

“I mean, yeah, but,”

But? There was still a but? How impossible to budge was this obstacle? But at least, it wasn’t worse than Zen, who wouldn’t even have agreed to meet.


“But idk o.o” he said, seemingly unaffected by all of her dramatic build up and music.

In a way, she admired that.

“It will be epic,” she said.

“I mean, it’s a dead guild,” he continued.

“You don’t like people,” she argued.

“True, but,”

Still but?



Of course.

“So, that’s a yes, then?” she tried.

If he didn’t know, she would know for him.

“Idk o.o”

One of these days, would he know something?

The golden branches swayed in the virtual wind, and the leaves glistened like crystals in the sun. The stairwell loomed over them in a threatening manner, as the sky changed its colour to a darker shade of purple.

Danger, it felt like it was trying to convey, but what danger?

Was she overstepping? Forcing her opinion too much?

Many times, she’d been told that she was too intense — it was one of the key reasons why she was still in the forever alone category.

Ought she to step down a notch?

No, be you! If he doesn’t like it, and pulls away like the others, you’ll know sooner, rather than later, that he wasn’t right.

Once again, she listened to her inner wisdom,

“I will take that as yes,” she said.

“Ok o.o”

Ok? It worked? He agreed?

“When do you want to do it, then?”




“Ok, tomorrow it is.”


GodsWatch used ;o when he didn’t know what to say.

“We’ll be the rulers of Curry,” she said, “And Lantos, and whoever else is in that guild.”

Aside from a few leeches and semi-active players, there was no one else, really.

“It may be a dead guild now, but we will revive it. We’ll make it ours, and no one else’s.”

“Ok,” he winked.

So that, he responded to? Well, good.

The rest of the night, they spent planning their takeover.

During Celestial Tree, the event after Escorting Carriage, GodsWatch and Dreamy sat on the sixth branch, alone, looking out over the stars and rainy scenery.

“So, when we have our own guild,”

“Our empire,” she corrected.

“Yeah, when we have that,” he said, “will I be able to impregnate you?”


“Impregnate me, why?”

“Because,” he paused, “I wanna see my Dreamy pregnant.”

Weird guy.

“I mean, the characters can’t be pregnant,” she said.

“Ik, but,”

But what?

“Ok, sure,” she said, “If you manage to impregnate my character, you can do it.”

But it’s impossible, so good luck.

“Yay :3”

So happy about it?

Dreamy sent him a kissing emoji, and he sent one back.

In the world chat, people bickered about getting killed and whatnot on the lower branches.

Jolie smiled. She was now one of the superior, who didn’t need to bother with begging not to get killed. Well, unless she encountered Zenflood or Rotervin. GodsWatch only killed her if absolutely necessary, as she did him, and RapidJudge was her husband, so he wouldn’t kill her, but now that Dusker controlled him, he wasn’t very active. GodsWatch had taken better care of the account, taking it to events.

Zenflood was late to the event. Five minutes before it ended, he arrived at the sixth branch, interrupting her romantic time with GodsWatch, the teenager who would soon be her lover.

He slayed them both like a serial killer ninja in a swordsman body. Rapidly and painfully. Over and over again. Slice, slice, slice. Death.

As Dreamy was the weakest of the two, she got killed more times, and was sent down to the fifth branch, once again separated from her love, and the lack of time left in the event meant that she didn’t have time to climb back up, meaning, she couldn’t get back to GodsWatch.

Soon, however, they would be inseparable, and nothing could come between them.

Or so they thought… but it was as if fate wanted them apart. It always found a way to keep the distance between them, one way or another.

The last time, it had been Dusker puncturing their wheels. This, time, it was someone else, entirely unexpected…

If only they had done it sooner, not waited until the next day, they would be together, but it wasn’t what the stars wanted. They were, truly, Vega and Altair. Destined apart.

When Jolie logged in the next day, and made her routinely ranking check, she found that the balance of the server had, once again, been disrupted. Why, however, it was hard to say. Impossible.

Was it a coincidence, or had he, somehow, found out?

The LC guild was no longer weak, as a previously shining player, had once again risen.

He had been number 1 in his old server, she had a vague memory of being told by GodsWatch, and had always been bitter about the lower rank after the merger.

It wasn’t Curry. Their unexpected enemy went by the name Lantos, and to his character was attached no less than three million in battle power.

It was a half million more than GodsWatch, and he had surpassed him in the rank as well, climbing up to number 4, reclaiming his guild leader position in CL.

But what had inspired this sudden motivation to top-up? In this timing?

She asked him in the world chat,

“Lantos, why?”

“Why what?”

“Why the sudden increase in strength?”

“Just got a bonus,” he said, “I know I shouldn’t spend it on the game, but done is done.”

Indeed, you shouldn’t, and you have no idea what you have done…

When GodsWatch logged in, he was as displeased with the news as she was,

“That pleb,” he said, “He’s just cranky because he’s not number 1 anymore.”

“Do you think he hacked us?” said Jolie, though she didn’t really believe that he had.

“Probs,” said GodsWatch, and she wondered if he believed it.

“Well, now what?” said Jolie, “we can’t take over CL like this.”

GodsWatch said, “I mean, we can make him quit, then take over.”

Jolie liked that he was motivated, and she consented on his idea.

“Good,” she said, “I like that.”

He winked, and she winked back.

They were a bad couple. A bad, bad couple — the worst — but together, they could both bask in their badness, without being judged. It was perfection.

Jolie was so caught up in the plan and the fantasy, that she forgot to open her eyes and remember reality. It was there, but in a distant, foreign realm.

The world in which she resided was an alternate universe, in which she had power and strength, and she must stay there, for it she didn’t, everything would falter. Crash and burn and pancake of everything. She couldn’t afford that. Must stay strong and tall and capable, and thus forget the real world.

In order to achieve her goal, she had to close 90% of her eyes, and stay narrow-minded on purpose. She must be ignorant and pretend not to see things, brutal and discriminating, blind and omniscient at a limiting degree.

If she saw everything, she must omit, and if she saw nothing, she must be true. Confess and be real, know and be certain. Produce love where there isn’t, and suck it in where there is. All of that, she must do, while being herself, and omitting herself — that is, her false beliefs, negativity, and all other other, internal obstacles. Only the strong could remain, for the weakest link defines the strength of the whole being, and she was not intending to be defined by cowardice and excuses. Love didn’t speak the language of excuses, or numbers for that matter, and she would respect that.

With GodsWatch, she would be genuine and herself, naked and honest, and he would see that. He would accept and reciprocate, and they would grow the most beautiful and sparkling, magnificent and grand, flower of love. But the question was, would fate let them?

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