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On Scamming

Scammers. Why do they exist?

Recently I was offered a job for this ID protection company. It was a telemarketing job recruiting via an external–also shady–company.

The first thing I did when offered the job (I had applied to many telemarketing jobs), was looking up the company online. 

You may wonder, why did I not do that before applying? And the answer is that there was no info about the company in the job ad, as it was placed by a recruitment company (it’s pretty common, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a scam). They simply referred to the company seeking applicants as a ‘client’.

So, with that cleared out…

I looked up the ID protection company online and found their website. It didn’t even have a site icon (the little image you see in the tabs)! Bad sign. Not saying all websites without a site icon are scams, but it usually means it’s not a super professional one. I see many personal websites like that, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

The second warning sign was the lack of professional feel on the website itself. Lesson learned: if you have a business, make sure it has a professional looking online presence.

The third warning sign was the fact that the company didn’t exist in records. Usually when you Google a legit company you get some info about it, such as when it was created, the name of the CEO, etc… (I wanna be a CEO…) but there was nothing of the sort. 

Then I looked up the recruiting company that claimed to have been active for something around 15 years, but the date of creation was in April 2020. This company was at least registered and had a proper CEO, who I looked up on LinkedIn, to find what seemed like a second company behind the recruiting one.

There were no reviews online about either of these, and I couldn’t help but wonder if that whole thing, too, was a scam.

A legit company would definitely not participate in the recruitment process of a scam one.

So anyway… I was offered the job along with 14 other people, and this small group would work together towards getting past the 2 weeks of probationary, after which we would get a decent guaranteed salary.

On top of the decent salary, we would get a lot of commission. About 2000 usd a month if we sold 2 ID protections a day. Yeah, tempting.

Not knowing whether it was a scam or just a baby company who couldn’t tell left from right, I stuck around and received an email with instructions for the job. 

It was laughable.

You see, in the email there was a manuscript,  and it was basically resembling the emails you always get in your junk inbox, and sometimes even the regular inbox. It was an obvious scam, using the scaring tactic. Why? Why make it so obvious?

If you’re gonna scam someone, at least try to make it not seem like a scam.

Speaking of obvious…

The other day, I was on facebook, where I saw an ad by Kevin Zhang, about a live webinar on ecommerce.

Ooh, I thought, I do want an online shop, so it doesn’t hurt to check it out!

But this guy! 😂

I got into the webinar after 15 minutes of waiting time, and it all seemed ok then. There were ‘live’ comments, he was seemingly responding to them, etc…

Then, I lost connection and had to start over, at which point I noticed that another webinar was starting in 15 minutes. 

What? Maybe he pushed it forward because of a technical error?

So, doubtful, I went to the second webinar, which was exactly the same as the first. And you know what he says? Ha…!

He goes like, “I’m not like the other gurus, this is completely live!” 

And I’m like… yeah…

To make it worse, I couldn’t find any proof of his claims when I googled his name to see if he was a scam or just unsmart.

Turns out he was both.

Not to be mean, but just why? I don’t get it! Why be so obvious when you try to scam people? 😵

Then I found out about Brittany Dawn, a fitness YouTuber and scammer. Pretty much the same thing with different details.

The internet is littered with these people.

I’m not saying they’re bad, just a bit different. They might be psychopaths lacking empathy, or ‘regular’ people who are lost. And to be honest, for some it’s just their way of living.

Different people have different views, but I don’t necessarily believe in good or bad. It’s just two poles on a spectrum.

I grew up around people like this. Not in my immediate family, but close enough. You can’t trust them. Not for a moment can you trust these types of people to be honest, and they make very convincing liars.

If you fall for their lies or scams, they shrug their shoulders and say it’s your fault for being too stupid.

There are two sides to each coin. Who is to say what is right and wrong, good, and bad?

There’s no such thing as right and wrong, only opinions. They are governed by what the majority believes in, or have been told to believe in.

There are times where people with less empathy and moral are useful. There are times when they could save your life. 

They scam and rob, but it’s not because they’re bad.

My question is, still, why do they do it badly? That’s a real bummer to anyone. They get found out too easily. 

I would never scam people. And I’m not sure if that is because I think it’s wrong or if it’s because I would get found out. Either way, I said no to the telemarketing job, but that was mainly because it was too obvious, and I figured, if they trick customers they probably trick their employees as well, and I would’ve just ended up slaving for two weeks only to get abandoned. There were probably many 15 person groups that did the same thing, aka working for free for commission only, but probably not even getting the comission.

What makes a scam? 

There are different levels of scams, in my opinion. Not all are obvious. 

To me, anything useless can be a scam. In a way. It doesn’t have to be dishonest. 

Clothes, sugary unhealthy snacks, anyone offering services for money that can be found for free… there are many types of scams, but we don’t see them that way.

We don’t think we’re scammed when we buy candies made of refined sugar and who knows what. We don’t consider ourselves scammed, even though it harms our bodies and mind.

Other things that could potentially create scammers…

I’m at the lowest point of my life so far. 2020 is the worst. I’m the most homeless I’ve ever been! My safety net shrank significantly when my house burned down a bit over a month ago.

The cause of my house burning down was intimately related to just the type of people I’ve been talking about.  Not scammers per se, or I suppose you could call them that.

Unable to go in to detail (or rather, not allowed to), I can’t divulge the exact thing that happened, but it’s enough to say that it was caused by people dwelling on the wrong side of the law without showing any remorse whatsoever.

Like anyone would do, I asked myself: why do I live like a good person, when people who do bad things end up better off? What is the point of it all? Note that I now refer to good and bad according to the general societal view.

Just after asking myself those questions, and being frustrated, I got the opportunity to work for a scam company. It’s quite obvious that it was meant to test me, or rather, help me define my values.

As mentioned, I ended up not taking it, but partially because I didn’t want to be scammed as well.

When you’re at your lowest point, you get a chance to prove to yourself who you are, or find out that you are someone different than you thought. 

Quite frankly, I’ve never considered myself as a good person. I’ve always thought I’d be capable of doing bad things. But the more chances I get to do such things, the stronger my conviction becomes that it’s not for me. 

I’m not saying I’m a good person, or that anyone is, but it’s interesting to find things about yourself that disprove your previous theories about your identity. 

Not only does my theory of self get disproven, but I also get frustrated and let down. Disappointed. I mean, man wouldn’t it have been nice to have no moral and get easy money doing bad things, right?

I advise others not to do bad things, mainly because of the consequences of getting caught and such.

It’s not easy, being good. But it’s not necessarily any more difficult than anything else. We all have our challenges. 

Feeling like I’ve taken 50 steps back, I’m currently in a situation where I’m more trapped than I’ve ever been–physically, emotionally, the whole package. 

Covid-19 is trapping me, my conscience and guilt is trapping me, and the list can go on.

But there are ways in which I can’t be trapped. Or rather, that I can control. 

I can control my actions, the direction where I’m headed, make decisions that form the path I will tread to get where I want, or at least somewhere.

I can decide not to be trapped by a job that doesn’t lead me forward. I can decide not to be trapped by money–the lack or excess of it. I can decide not to be trapped in a low functioning body, by strengthening and stretching my muscles and joints, breathing and challenging my heart to beat stronger and with more determination. 

I can decide not to be trapped in an ignorant mind by educating myself and learning about other people. Seeing them, hearing them, and at some level understanding them

In all ways possible, I can do my best to embrace freedom in the areas that are controllable by me, and by doing so, I can take steps forward into a future that will work for me.

By doing what I want and need, I will be led to the place in life that is mine. I will connect with opportunities that never would’ve come to me if I remained seated and inactive (metaphorically). I will thrive, and I will get there one step at a time.

One tiny step at a time, I will arrive to the life that is truly mine. No, that’s not true. There’s no such thing as a life that is yours.

Everyone who says that you should only live for yourself: you make sense, but is it truly the true way to stay connected? Isn’t it a bit cold bad detached?

Don’t take it the wrong way, I love living for myself. But I’ve also found that it doesn’t work. When you do that, you have to detach and learn not to consider other people. Guys, it’s a cold trait.

It’s how I used to live, but as the years pass by, I grow more and more conscious of other people and their needs. I consider other people’s feelings more than ever, and no, it’s not working out in a good way. It’s trapping me, causing anger, frustration hiding deep inside, and so on…

But the answer isn’t to detach. Of course, it could truly be the right thing in certain situations, but in general, pseudo-healthy family relationships and such, the best thing could be to find a good middle, a compromise. The world is built on compromise and collaboration–at least it should be.

Would people be happier if they didn’t go to war? Would they be happier if there weren’t scammers and the like? Maybe, maybe not.

Things like that don’t seem to be determinators of true happiness. But what do I know. I’m not a psychologist or anything, just a person with thoughts that shift and change according to my observations. 

I’m at my lowest point, but everyone who has played around with stocks knows that it doesn’t mean it won’t go lower. So, I brace myself and stand before what could be a dead end cliff after a regretful climb down for seemingly no good reason whatsoever. 

Yes, I could just climb back up again, right? But what if I was at the very top of that mountain, and there’s a much higher one right next to it? I have to climb down all the way to get there, and maybe I’m already standing at its foot–if I’m lucky. 

A big theme recently is sustainability. Scamming is pretty much anti sustainability. It only lasts until you’re found out and exposed.  So, scammers, if you’re gonna put in the work to scam, do yourselves a favor and put in the same amount of work into something legit. Can’t be that hard, can it?

Well, scammers will always be scammers. No changing that. 

In a way, I might be one. I hide things from my family. In particular, I haven’t told them about my relationship and the fact that I’m moving abroad, but I have my reasons. Nevertheless, it sort of makes me feel like I’m scamming them.

I dreamed that I was escorted by a SWAT team over a bit of water, because I was targeted by a serial killer for being a witness. There were four of them in the team, but I didn’t want one, thinking his name sounded like a double agent. He didn’t mind. I know, that sounds bad, but I was simply applying the conclusions of my analysis on the situation, and his name was too good to be legit (it literally had the word good in it).

SWAT! I’ve never dreamed of them before, but last night I dreamed of a time travel type thing in South Korea, where multiple dimensions existed, in one of which the female lead was saved by the previously wuzzy male lead unexpectedly shooting every threat down at the most crucial moment!

Yeah, dramatic.

I chose my way. I chose the difficult one with a long uphill battle. They chose one with a steep downhill battle seeming like an easy game, but ahead might come a free fall or a sudden stop, rocks that injure or set them back. 

Speaking of scams…

I had a rather frightening experience today (30/6-2020), with one of Earth Control’s cacao flavoured snack dates.

As I was eating one of the dried dates, I noticed something strange inside it, and quickly noticed that it was a piece of plastic. Blue plastic.

blue plastic in natural food fake eww gross scam
Above mentioned plastic.

They claim that their products are natural, but clearly that is not the case.

Well, I won’t go so far as to call them scammers, as it may have been a simple accident, but I have a hard time imagining scenarios in which a piece of plastic enters a natural product, even as a part of the production process. It’s a mystery, but definitely doesn’t feel right and I don’t think I will consume their products again. 

It’s unfortunate, because I love date snacks, especially my favourite, Rawbite Cacao.

Back to sales jobs. 

Aside from the one I mentioned above, I was also offered another one, which I mentioned in my previous post. This one seems more legit and all, and insists strongly on recruiting me.

I can’t help but wonder what it is that they want of a little girl like me who can’t really speak well. It’s a telemarketing job. Lots of speaking. Never been my talent and I don’t like it.

The boss guy is a typical salesman. Smooth talker, it’s hard not to get influenced. He says all these good things. Testimonials, personal experience… it’s not something I like or can see myself doing. 

He says I can learn all that.

Sure, who doesn’t like influencing people? But I have no interest in doing that about something I don’t find useful. I suppose it doesn’t feel ethical. 

This isn’t related to scamming in any way, but I come to think of it every time I see someone trying to sell something:

Whether it’s someone I like or if it’s a good product, my opinion of people gets affected when they try to sell something. When they send emails designed to make you buy something, I don’t see a spreading of light, I see a hunger for money. And that’s not bad, of course. I’m hungry for money, too. We all need it to live. But still… hmm, I just don’t like it.

Maybe the whole system needs to be changed. I don’t know, and this isn’t the place to discuss it, but perhaps I will make a separate post about it.

Some people are best to stay away from, for your own good. When they say stuff that sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Now, I can’t help but wonder if I’ve eaten plastic, and I don’t like it.

I have a dilemma. It may be of a moral nature, or simply about self-confidence. 

The thing is, I want to create an online course. It’s what makes money, I’ve heard. But I can’t help but ask myself, do I have the skills?

Do I know yoga well enough to create a course about it? 

I don’t have a teacher training in my pocket, does that make me a scammer or unethical? Yoga beginners can take yoga teacher trainings, are my skills inferior to theirs, even though I’ve practiced for years, albeit not 100% constantly?

dreamy downward facing dog downdog girl woman yogi cute
Me doing downward facing dog while filming day 1 of my 7 day downdog challenge (if you’re interested in joining the challenge, it will be up on my YouTube channel. Soon. But you can subscribe now to make sure you don’t miss it. And be my first sub!

I don’t have it in me to be uplifting like other yoga teachers, will people still like my courses/videos? Is it right of me to teach?

What is a teacher, anyway, in this day and age? 

I will write more about teaching in my next post, which will come up on Friday. If you’re interested, follow me to receive a notification. 

With that said, it’s time to go back and think about my niche. Think and create, then try it out in front of the camera. And speaking of cameras, let me know if you’re interested in hearing this type of content in a vlog form, because I am interested in challenging myself that way. Just let me know in the comments! (But know that it might be awkward).

See you next week.

P.s. I’m not a psychopath, ok? I’m a psycho, yes,  but not a psychopath. Just kidding. 

If you’re a scammer reading this, or a psychopath, or just a regular psycho, and have opinions, feel free to share them in the comments. I’m curious!

dreamy blog blogger girl woman

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