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Decisions and Abs

I’m so glad I didn’t choose the sales job I was offered. Instead, I chose myself. I chose working towards a better life through my new fitness channel and this blog.

Not saying it’ll be easy. But neither would the other option.

The same amount of time will be spent, but on something I care about. Something that makes me happy. 

I don’t need money right now. I don’t have a desperate need to pay rent or anything like that (I’m a shameless professional freeloading leech), so it only makes sense that I choose this path. The path to my dream life. And while I do want money at some point, it’s not the main drive.

What is the main drive?

Freedom, perhaps. Being able and to do what I want and live a life that fulfils me. To be with the person I want to be with, in the same country, in the same space…

It’s very hard for me to betray myself, but then again, it has gotten easier with time, and I intend to put a stop to that trend.

It got easier to betray myself because I grew up. I became an adult and saw the real world and got worries about money and being homeless. 

Now I’ve experienced a brief (albeit luxurious) taste of homelessness, and it wasn’t the worst thing that has happened to me.

The worst thing is Covid-19, but I would still like to turn it around. 

A few years from now, I want to be able to look back at this year and say: “2020, the year that gave me an opportunity, which I took. The year that served as soil for the success I now have”. Ok, not those exact words, because it sounds kinda lame, but the whole idea.

I’m so glad I decided to do my fitness channel instead of the sales job, because when you start something, you get ideas, and these ideas bring you forward, to places you would never have seen or known otherwise. Learn things about yourself that you didn’t know you were capable of (I’m not there yet, but I will).

With that said, here is my latest fitness video:

I’m still nooby, but that just means it will be fun to see me grow, right?

I hope you try the workout with me, but even if you don’t, thank you for stopping by my little blog. See you next time!

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