A stumbling start, but still a start…

Starting a farm isn’t easy, they say. It’s hard work, they say. And that’s probably true, but I haven’t even gotten to that part yet.

My struggles lie in getting started in the first place. Why? Because I don’t know where to start. On my own, starting is a very desolate thing.

As a full time student, I ought to be studying, but what I want of my life is something else. And that something can be fulfilled by farming. Anyway, though… I need to get my house in order. When I say house, I mean the part of the barn that has been allotted to me. It’s gonna be good, probably… But the person who can help little me get it in order is all the way in Canada, and will be so at least until covid is over. So, yeah… here I am, trying to get something started on my own. And this is how that looks:

These are the things I carried out of the cluttered room in the barn; stuff of which some are littered with mouse droppings. Yeah, it’s as nice as it sounds. 

This is how the place actually looks. Not great, but it does have potential. There are some shady spots that need to be examined for water leaks, but overall it seems doable. My future husband in Canada says we can do it, but I’d like for it to be done by the time he gets here, ideally. You know, for private time, together (currently live in the same house as my parents, grandma and sister, with 87 year old grandma sleeping in the room below mine…).


Another thing about getting started, is that things don’t go as you want, necessarily. So, I want to start a farm channel on youtube, but the problem is I don’t have the right tools. I mean, I have a mic and a smartphone, which should be enough, but as I’m writing this it has taken 30+ minutes to get a 3 minute long video clip ready to even start working with… downloading it to my pc, that is, because that is the only way I can do it at this point. If you know a better, cheap way, please tell me in the comments. Thank you. 

With that said, I’m going to get back to not editing my little video.


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