Cleaned Out and Crash.

I have now cleaned out almost everything in our place. Lots of boxes and bags, carried out mostly by me. Lots of books. Too many. All in Danish. We’ll probably sell the books to the many Danish people around here. Hopefully. Also found a locked suitcase. Seems empty and useful enough, but locked by a number combination. 

This is how the progress looks:

Carried out all this (this time):

Mostly trash left by previous owner, but some is still useful.

Soon we will also get the compost for the garden, which we will plant in. Look forward to it. Gonna be nice, lots of beans for me to eat. Probably not enough to sell, but still a saving just the same.

Speaking of savings and earnings, I’ve come to realize that having many kids to feed (0 as of now though), as well as yourself, there might not be much left to sell. We’d probably need about 50 laying hens just to feed ourselves. And if we grow chicken for meat we’d need at least 100. Probably. 

Anyway, that’s how it is. I’ll be a teacher and farmer. No harm in that. Then I’ll hopefully get to earn some kind of living from this blog and YouTube. It should be doable. 

As for the crash. Yeah… I can be productive enough, but as I currently have a quite broken back I do not think I should do too much work in our place anymore. Or work out almost every day. For now. It’s too much for my fragile body. And as for certain courses I was supposed to take, of which one I’m almost done with, I feel that I won’t be able to complete it, simply to make sure I complete the more important things and stay mentally sane (as much as possible). 

So, with murdered back I say goodbye for now.


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