It’s Better To Do Something, Than To Reach Perfection.

So, I made a new YouTube channel recently, and the videos I’ve put out are pretty… basic and mediocre. I can’t say I tried my best, and can’t say I will, but I do think I did my best within reasonability. What I mean is, the best that is the pure minimum, the level that won’t burn me out. I already feel burned out from studying and stuff.

Here’s the abovementioned YouTube videos (they show a bit of how the farm looks now, in its before state):

Yeah, so my videos aren’t perfect, but that’s fine. I’d rather put out a video than no video (which the case likely would be if I wanted perfection, or even decently high quality. 

What I’m saying is, getting it done was an accomplishment in itself. Then, when the whole getting Something done part is dealt with, I can try for improvements. Or maybe they come organically. Who knows.

Either way, I’m proud of the little effort I’ve done. Proud of myself striving for something far away, seemingly unreachable. Proud that I have the courage to dive in, risking failure? Wait, what failure? This time, I know I won’t fail because my heart is in it.

Farming is the dream I never knew I had. Farming with my husband and our family. For years I searched for a business idea, first to do on my own, then, when I met my future husband, with him. I tried many things, but it never really clicked. Not this way. Not the way that it does when you know you’ve found your thing. Just like when I found him.

The discovery of my farming dream began in a major loss (non animate) and insecurity. A bout of homeless and fear… but that’s a story for another day. Now, the important thing is to do something in the right direction. Getting the ball rolling. And whether that takes shape in mediocre YouTube videos, so be it. It’s enough for now, because it’s one step further than zero. In a year, I could be ten steps further.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say for now.


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