A Rodent Problem

So recently the gardening season has slowly started to begin. There’s only one problem: rodents.

I never hear about this problem. At least, I have yet to see someone talk about it. Is it rare? Or so easily fixed that no one mentions it? Or have I just happened to not hear about it? Either way, they are currently a problem at our farm.

They eat the seedlings that are newly planted, possibly due to lack of cover – hey, I didn’t plant or cover them, simply telling someone else’s story.

We’ve always had mice in some way or other, even at the old house. Last year was a mouse year, they said. As for this year, I don’t know. We’re in a new place in a new house, but at least the type of mice is different; we used to have house mice, but these are forest mice.

We also have a mole. Maybe he’s the one who ate them? But they eat insects, so I wouldn’t think so. 

Hopefully, the problem will be fixed soon. It is only a matter of time before I myself will start planting my beans, so I’ll need to do my research. 

If you know any good ways to fix the rodent problem, do tell me in the comments. Thank you.

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