It’s finally my turn to LIVE life

As I sit here at 3:26 AM, feeling slightly manic, HAPPY, I just know that I have to write this down. Whatever this is.

Throughout the years I have written a lot. I’ve written many stories, about many lives. Many characters living lives I would like to live. Stories of sweet and bad times, but in general leaving behind a sweet memory. I never regret writing things (probably). 

I don’t have all my writing saved, but at the moment I’m especially fondly thinking of a piece I wrote two summers ago, involving all of the characters created by me and my sister, in our middle school and high school years; times that for me were some of the best, but unbeknownst to me a dark time for her… Those characters live deep in my heart, still. They have come along with me on many journeys, physical and emotional. They have been with me like friends, and I feel proud for giving them all the adventures I’ve gotten to write for them. Many fun adventures. But now, it is my turn.

With time, I’ve thought less and less about my characters, but they don’t mind. They know it’s time, and they are happy for me, too. They want me to live the happiness I’ve always given them.

I’m not so young anymore, not like I was back then, not like my characters. Youth was always a major theme with them, but so was growth. And I have grown a lot. Enough to graduate from writing about imaginary life, to living real life. It’s wonderful, truly. I look forward to it. 

It’s the 14th of March, 2021, as I write this. Noting the date down for my future self, who will know when it officially shifted for me.

There is more to write about this, but it’s 3:34 AM and I need to restrain myself, at least a little bit 🙂

I’m listening to music, joyfully for the first time in many months. Hopefully, this joy will last, even if I know this particular elated state won’t.

Now, goodnight, and I shall sleep, listening to just one last song (currently listening to Zombie, and will listen to Gang Hao Yu Jian Ni one last time for the night). Then, I’ll post this tomorrow.

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