Sugar Loaded, But It’s Fine (And it was Necessary?)

Lately I’ve eaten so much refined sugar. Ughhhh would be a good expression of how it has, at times, made me feel. Normally, I can resist the urge, or rather, I don’t get much of a craving for sugar, as I have a balanced (?) diet and eat enough.

That is, until… I started working out a lot more. Basically, almost every day, sometimes for up to 2 hours, and although I’ve had a few rest/lazy days, I feel weak and not as recovered as I should. I keep craving sugar like crazy and am insatiable. It could only mean one thing, but I still tend to miss/neglect it: Protein.

My diet is naturally low in protein, for reasons not necessarily controlled by me (but partially my fault, I suppose), so it’s no wonder that I haven’t been able to recover as well as I would like to, even several days after my less lazy workouts.

As I write this, I AM HUNGRY. But I’ve eaten a total of 4 egg sandwiches today. As they were made with whole wheat bread, I should’ve gotten about 30 grams of protein from that, more or less. Yeah, it’s not enough… At little over 40 kg (I’m tiny, not anorexic – don’t worry), I still need more than that. Well, I did eat some chicken (not much), semolina with chia seeds and, yeah, that’s about all the main protein-containing things I’ve eaten today. Definitely doesn’t sound like enough of anything, really, and that’s probably why I’m so hungry non stop

I wish I could eat about ten egg sandwiches, but I don’t wanna be that person who eats all eggs in the house – 4 is enough. As for getting protein from other sources, I’m trying, I really am…. But there’s only so much you can do when you’re not the one buying the groceries or doing the cooking (and don’t have an income so you can’t buy your own stuff).

Protein powder doesn’t work for me, I’ve tried.


Right, this was supposed to be about sugar. Well, the lack of protein basically makes me eat more sugar (a common culprit to excessive sugar intake, I believe). This has led me to feel sluggish at times, but the 4 egg sandwiches today (and yesterday) certainly helped with combating it (for a while). However, I am not getting too hungry to concentrate enough to make sense, so I will wrap this up here.

As for why eating all these extra sugary things (cookies, chocolate) was necessary: it might not be the healthiest choice, but at least it provides some calories for my muscles to work with. I could’ve solved that problem in a better or healthier way, but who has time when things are a mess and transformations are occurring? Will discuss this more later.

These are my precious egg sandwiches (with scrambled eggs):

Also, check out my new instagram, where I post my fitness progress (starting yesterday): @dreamyduck77. And my youtube channel: Dreamy Duck.

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