Change of plan

My heart aches.

Brokenhearted, I set out on a new journey. A difficult journey, but oh, how rewarding it will be. For sure.

Me and my love have decided that moving on is the best. Moving towards a happy life together, not a half life, a cursed life (yes that was a reference to Harry Potter!).

I cannot stay where I am. It is a toxic and probably abusive environment. 

I did my very best to make it work, but sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much you try. When the goal is unachievable, you have to come to grips with that reality at some point. 

For me, that point is now. While I should not go into detail, I can simply say that the last drop has fallen upon me, and washed away any last delusion I had that this could work.

No longer do I feel guilty for leaving. No longer do I think I should try because they say families stick together. I cannot be a part of something that destroys me. It goes against my principles. 

So, I’m moving to him. But first, covid has to end for me to be allowed into Canada. The rules are… well, this is what they say:

We’ve been together for 4 years, but unfortunately haven’t spent physical time together. The wait will be worth it though. Every second of suffering is worth it for our happy life together. 

Wish me luck.

P.s. My latest YouTube video:

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