The World Doesn’t Go Anywhere

Every so often, especially in these fast-paced days, we humans find ourselves hurrying towards goals. We’re almost running to get there. “Abs In 7 Days, 14 Days To Six Pack, Lose Fat In 3 Days!” Those aren’t titles of specific videos or anything, but I think you know what I mean when I say these types of things are very popular. 

The same goes with flexibility. “Get The Splits In 1 Week!” You know…

I need to say what you already know: this mindset is unhealthy! I know, it’s clickbait, for views, for money… and that’s fine, I don’t mind people trying to earn money. The problem is in the mindset we have that everything’s supposed to go so fast! 

I never hear, Get The Splits In 1 Year, or Get A Six Pack In 6 Months. Do you?

Still, no complaints to the creators of these things. Just clarifying, since I like many of them and don’t want them to think otherwise, if they happen to stumble on this tiny little blog.

Anyway, what I want to say is, we should pause and remind ourselves that the world doesn’t go anywhere. 

Recently, I had a 72+ hour headache, or rather a migraine attack. While I don’t get severe migraines, I still can’t exercise. It only makes things worse.

So, I was hurting and hurting, and even after it ended I waited to work out. I was a bit traumatized and wanted to take things easy, and that’s ok.

It’s fully ok, but you can probably imagine what it did to my splits and fitness in general. No good. I also have little to no motivation to work out, as my body feels tired. But… I still try, a little bit at a time, and I don’t fret. Neither should you.

The world doesn’t go anywhere. You can take your time.

This is something we probably realize more as we get older, but also with small reminders every now and then, such as this migraine for me.

When I was younger, and even now sometimes, I want to get things done within a certain time frame. But oftentimes, it causes fatigue and quitting. I’ve started many things and quit most.

When I started this blog, I decided to post every day, and eventually I felt burned out. Not because of the blog, but because I had other things to do as well. I was trying to do a master’s degree, but that ended up going down the drain.

This blog, however, is still here. I’m not writing every day, and don’t intend to. I also don’t have a schedule, either with this or my youtube channels. I find that scheduling creates pressure and stress, and not doing it actually keeps me more productive. It reduces the stress and increases the fun, as well as the longevity of my projects.

Both my blog and channels are tiny, because I’ve never given them a chance to grow. I’ve never nurtured them over time. But when you want something to grow, you need to provide it with care and nutrition over a long period of time, not in irregular spurts.

Of course, there’s exceptions. And I’m no all-knowing force. Don’t listen to me, but let my words remind you of your own truth. It is inside you, and observing other people’s reality may bring you closer to it. At least that is the case for me. 

If nothing else, I hope this can serve as a little reminder that it’s OK to take things slow. It’s ok to not rush. Even if we finally get to where we want when we’re 60 or 80, that’s ok. Sadly, not everyone lives that long, and that is also why we should make the journey the main goal. The everyday of it, not the one day when “it happens”.


Thank you for reading. Here’s my latest fitness(/asmr) YouTube videos (they’re a set):

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