The constant tweaking and adjusting

So, this is probably the case for anything, and that’s why this post is relevant to anyone. Perhaps the valuable lessons I’ve learned can be helpful for you as well, if nothing else than as a gentle reminder.

Recently, I moved to a small farm, and as the season is finally beginning, things are happening. Many things, but mostly LOTS of thinking!

And meaningless effort…

This meaningless effort is the key point of this post, and to start off I’m asking myself: is it really meaningless?

Let me begin by telling you what’s been going on.

A few days ago, I started digging in the fields. I dug for 2 days (but only 1 hour a day) with a hoe, mostly removing grass. 

Then, I found out that I was doing it in vain. I had to switch places. For family reasons that I won’t go into.

I switched places and dug a bit, until, 1: Feeling exhausted and not wanting to do it anymore, and 2: finding out I didn’t need to dig in the first place.

The original plan was to make a no dig garden, but I was still digging, and the reason was that I wanted to remove all the stones and rocks from the soil (we have a lot). Because I want to grow carrots, and carrots don’t go well with rocks. I may be a noob, but that much I know. 

After lots of thinking, I decided to give up the digging and create a raised bed with wooden sides, in which I would put in purchased soil. The soil is an additional cost, yes, but seems like the only option I have at the moment, for regular sized carrots.

Then there’s baby carrots and round carrots. Those I could do in the ground! 

And since I can’t grow many carrots (because I can’t afford endless amounts of soil!), I can focus on special types. Like purple and white carrots. They have names, but too lazy to write them out here, as it’s not relevant. The point is that with less space, I might benefit from growing special kinds and selling them for a slightly higher price than the regular ones would’ve been. 

In addition to that, I could grow more turnips, a root vegetable that is fine with rocky soil. I’m also thinking of growing some cabbages and greens, but need to figure out how to pack them and all those things.

Another thing that happened was that a while ago I bought a bunch of pumpkin seeds. I was planning on growing thousands of pumpkins! It would’ve been fine if not for the fact that they need to be presown in pots. These pots aren’t free, and for thousands of them it would amount to more than I’m willing to pay at the moment. 

And yet another thing where unexpected costs appeared was bees. We recently bought 2 sets of bees, but only *after* buying did I find out that 1 hive could need up to 60 frames! If you don’t know anything about bees, just trust the numbers that sound like a lot. I mean, it’s 120 frames in total! 

The main questions now are:

  • How many carrots do I think I can realistically sell? 
  • How will I package everything when it’s time to sell?
  • How much of everything can I buy without spending too much?

Anyway, I did do my research (hours and hours of it, for each of these things, and still going!), but you can’t possibly do enough of it. I think there will always be unexpected things showing up, no matter how prepared you are. And I think this parallels so well to life in general. 

You plan and plan, think and think, but in the end, usually close to 0% turn out the way you planned. So, back to my question:

Was it meaningless? A waste of time?

I’d like to say no. Just like “wrong” turns in life all serve their purpose, so do my “failures” and mess-ups at the farm, and anything else for that matter. 

We should not see these things as a waste of time. Quite recently, my sister grieved over the fact that she had “wasted time” all these years, not studying what she wanted to. But, she didn’t know what it was at that time. She only learned by doing all these things she considered a waste of time. 

Do you have experiences like that? Write them down in the comments! Not for me, but because writing it down might somehow clarify things to you, or further strengthen your path, the one you want to be on. I feel like expressing what we want always takes us one step closer to getting it. Some call it the law of attraction, but I think it’s really just reminding and inspiring ourselves to take action, to take a leap of faith, or simply to grind. The last one is the least inspiring of all, but perhaps the most important, the one needing our inner voice of purpose the most.

Anyway, I hope I could inspire you just a little bit, or help you inspire yourself! 

Here’s my latest farm vlog (in a semi-asmr style):

And my latest fitness video:

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