It’s Like Learning A New Language

But that doesn’t phase me. I’ve learned languages before, and even though I’m getting older and dumber, I feel like I can do it.

What is like learning a new language?

Well, it could be many things, but the specific one I’m referring to is farming and business. So, two things, I guess.

A couple of months ago, I knew next to nothing about growing vegetables, and I don’t know much now either, but I have learned a good amount of things, enough to get started at least.

When I didn’t know anything and tried to navigate this new realm of things, I missed a lot of important information. It was there, right in front of me, but I was blind to it, just like you can’t identify new words right away in a strange language. It takes a few times of hearing it.

In my case, I bought a lot of pumpkin seeds. 7 different kinds of pumpkin seeds. I knew they needed to be pre-sown indoors or in a greenhouse, but I figured those module trays would be enough for that. And I didn’t consider how many of those I would need for hundreds or thousands of pumpkins, or the cost of it. You may think I’m stupid, but this is the truth.

Anyone who has learned a new language knows that their grammar in the beginning is most likely absolute crap, unless they’re a genius. Or, at least – and this should apply to anyone – you hear a lot of words when listening to it being spoken, but you really only pick up on a few. Maybe you learn some new ones. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, it’s normal to be a bit dumb in the beginning. Humans are flaws upon flaws. 

It’s bitter to admit our failures, and may come with tears and agony, but why is it like that? Why is it so hard to find peace in the fact that everyone messes up all the time? Maybe because we don’t see it. Most of the time, we only see the finished product of other people’s failures upon failures. We don’t see the mess. When you’re invited over to someone’s house and it’s tidy, chances are they either just cleaned up in a hurry, anxious about making a good impression and not being lesser than you, or they have other issues. Unless they just happen to belong to a minority of people who have absorbed the skill to do magic from reading Harry Potter (I wish!).

When it comes to business, it’s even worse. Now, it’s not just about not understanding that pumpkins need big pots to grow in, although it’s related – big pots cost more, and therefore this has a direct correlation. With business, you have to understand the numbers and statistics, and never neglect them (similar to farming). You have to know what you’re doing, on some level, at least if you want to make profit, not losses.

Learning how to farm requires learning both of these skills, as they are so intertwined. In spite of having wanted to start a business for most of my twenties, I’m honestly unforgivably nooby at these things. Of course I can preach about all kinds of things in theory, but when it comes to practice, I’m pretty clueless. Do you know how to actually conduct a market study? Me neither. I mean the actual steps that you would take in real life. Or finding customers. It’s all so beautiful when you look at someone else who’s doing it right and imagining that you’ll do it even better, but then you’re there, not even getting the basic things such as ‘You can’t just buy seeds and expect that to be it. No, you need soil, fence, containers, and lots of other things!’, etc.

You need to understand business to know how to do your farming, and you have to understand farming to know how to do your business. That is my wisdom for the day, and knowing it will probably do me little to no good in practise. 

To tie it to languages once again, it’s similar to needing to know grammar to use the words (correctly), and needing to know the words to do grammar. I suppose you don’t need to understand grammar though. Apparently, our brains do that automatically. Another reason why I quit studying swedish at uni… too many of the things I consider useless in my life (note that I said my life, not anyone else’s). 

Now I’m off to build more imperfections upon imperfections. Wish me luck.

Thank you for reading, and if you’re venturing into the business world as well, I wish you the best of luck! Unless you’re my competitor. Jk. Or am I…?

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