Like a Baby, I Explore and I Succeed

Feel better after being productive, editing a vlog and such. One vlog closer to success. Another vlog closer to our (me and my husband) dreams coming true. A step further into the world that is separated by an abstract boundary; that between dreams and reality. And another contributor to erasing that boundary. No dreams are too big. But, I choose mine wisely. 

There’s so much we humans can do. So much… but the options outweigh our capacity. Let’s not get stuck in wondering which one is best. Let’s just choose the one we enjoy the most and see how it goes. If it goes badly, aka turns out we don’t like it, then we move on to the next. But always exploring something is probably a good recipe for both chaos and eventually finding your thing.

You might say it’s flickery behavior, and maybe it is, but think of children when they learn about the world: they test and try everything, good and bad. They fall and they stumble, and they succeed. Who is to say that adults can’t fall and stumble – and succeed – like a baby? 

I will not say so. I say we can. All the way into our hundreds. Because why not? 

The earth keeps changing, humans keep changing, our identity keeps changing. So why is it so attractive to be a constant, ever-the-same robot? Perhaps it’s an ideal created by one of our biggest flaws.

One thing is for sure: striving for a constant will never succeed. The only constant you’ll ever get is what you have in this moment, possibly, but I suspect that even now your mind is exploring new options. They have a tendency to do that when triggered by this type of material. 

Don’t strive for change either, though; it should come naturally. But do strive for improvement. 

I’m not a guru, don’t listen to me. I might as well say I am, because who knows, but I identify as a farmer.

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