Focusing On Myself, Spiraling Into Obsession

Reflecting on what I wrote in yesterday’s post, I realized that I talked a lot about other people. It wasn’t ideal. Why focus on other people?

There’s a good reason for why I did it, though. Not good as in smart, but as in explanatory.

The reason is my listening to Rich Dad, Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki. He talks a lot about the rich vs poor, and I admit I was a bit influenced by the mindset. After reflecting a bit, I realize that it’s not the ideal mindset.

Why rich vs poor? Why not focus on the rich, if you wanna be rich? Why bring other people into it? I did it myself, but it didn’t feel right. I didn’t feel positive about myself after thinking and expressing myself that way.

Instead of thinking about rich and poor, blaming either of them, we should focus on things we can change to make it better. 

Universal basic income. What stands in the way for that? Government greed?

I’m not an anti-government type of person, but I do question some of their methods. Why spend money on things we don’t need, instead of things we need?

People work to have a job. It’s considered lazy and abnormal not to have a job. Having a job is the only acceptable way to exist, it’s the only way you can contribute to society.

Who made up this nonsense? No wonder people don’t feel valued. How can you feel valued when you’re only judged by your profession? It’s ridiculous. 

Sigh. Focusing on these things has little to no use for me right now. I get heated up, but it appears that the best I can do now is to Cultivate myself, not try to change a world that doesn’t want to be changed. Focus on improving myself, not judging people I know nothing about. Not lecturing, not comparing myself to anyone else. People aren’t comparable, they are unique. No matter how tempting it is to think I’m better than certain people (not talking about the so-called average people here, but specific individuals I am incapable of emphasizing with), I will instead focus on myself. I will not forget the things I have learned about empathy over the past few years.

I will not forget who I want to be.


Onto the part about my Obsession…

So, I recently hatched ducklings. 

Aren’t they cute?

Day and night, 90% of what I think about now is these ducklings. I can hardly leave their side. They’re too adorable. I love them. 

I keep thinking of ways to enhance their experience in life, as well as how to afford my extravagant duck empire. 

Basically, I want many ducks, but I need more funding. So I started a YouTube channel, as well as a tiktok and instagram. 

For someone who doesn’t watch tiktok (or didn’t, until now), it wasn’t something I thought I would do, but here I am, two days and 16 followers later. Thousands of views. Whaaat? Yeah, for real.

(Here’s the link to it btw (you won’t waste your time there, just get to see tons of cuteness!😊🦆🦆🦆🐥) : )

The reason I’m so shocked is because my youtube channels never do that well, or any of my other social media. I guess tiktok is where the people are at!

Anyway, I don’t know if this obsession is good or bad. As far as I know, ducks aren’t super profitable. 

Perhaps I should focus more on the things I know for sure will bring me money. Market gardening, chicken eggs… easier said than done. I just love spending time with my ducks.

How could I not?

Jim Collins said that in order to be sustainably successful you need to find your hedgehog concept, which basically is a combination of what you’re passionate about, what drives your economic engine, and what you can be the best in the world at.

I’m passionate about my ducks. Could probably be the best in the world at it (something about ducks, nothing concrete yet). At this point, they’ve made me negative amounts of money.

But what if I find a way to get profitable with ducks? (In a way that isn’t slaughter).

What if I create the world’s best duck park? It’s not impossible. My obsession with ducks is real. Still, how do you make a profit with a duck park? 

I suppose using it to drive sales of other things is an idea.

The logic isn’t there, though. There’s no logical reason why I would be profitable with ducks. No logic, but strong desire.

I know it’s possible, though. There’s so much I could do. But how big is the customer base? Not a lot of people own ducks, and most people would find it difficult to keep them, because of jobs or neighbors. Not that many people are into ducks like I am.

Who would buy my hypothetical duck products?

I also believe in duck therapy. In my duck park, I’ll have benches where people can sit. It’ll probably come with an entrance fee, and it might make you wonder why you should pay, when you can just go to a free place to watch ducks?

The answer is simple: my ducks would be guaranteed clean and healthy, and hopefully a little more willing to be pet by humans. There would also be more interesting breeds, and, of course, a wonderful farm environment.

My duck park is great, but should I let it distract me from other ventures? I don’t know. Logically, no. Intuitively, yes. My success may lie with ducks.

Cute ducks. I can hardly stay awake from the trouble they gave me last night. They are babies, after all. They need attention. 

It’ll take a while before I have human babies, but I feel like I’ve already experienced motherhood 😳

That’s it for now. Let me know what you think about the duck park and obsession. Is toning it down the right thing, or is diving deep in the correct thing to do? Comment if you have a similar situation going on!

Also, if you wanna see more ducklings and lost the link I gave above, here it is again:

Thank you for reading! And extra thank you if you go to check out my duck babies! 🥰😊🦆🦆🦆😄

Jocelin Dawn

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