Things Did Not Go As Planned

I had extravagant plans for the farm this year. Don’t get me wrong, I still do, but I’ve come to realize that I can’t fulfill all of my plans for the year. 

It’s not giving up, simply seeing things as they are, and learning. 

When I planned my market garden, I didn’t realize how much water vegetables need. That’s the core problem. Water. It’s so important, I can’t even begin to say how important it is.

Ignore the grass, please. I’ll do it better next time 😂

We have some rain barrels, from which I get water and then walk about 100 meters or so to my garden… yeah, not sustainable, in any way.

It’s not because I’m stupid, I just didn’t know. It’s my first time gardening. Although, I must admit I feel extraordinarily dumb when I do something with such effort, that could easily be done with a fraction of the time and effort, and I don’t even do enough (It’s heavy, can’t realistically do much more).

We do have a pond planned though, to which we are going to attach a pump and hose(s). But at this point in time, the pond doesn’t exist, and therefore, I’ve decided to scale down on the amount I planned to do. Instead, I bought 7 more chickens in the hope of selling eggs.

7 isn’t much. We have 17 in total, and at most, they’ve given us 14 eggs in a day. Usually we get 12. It’s really not much, but more than nothing. 

My plans to hatch 4 sets of ducklings may be altered as well. I have 10 of them right now, and it’s a lot. But mainly, I need housing for all of them. Two different houses eventually, as I can’t have too many drakes (male ducks) with the female ducks. 

Anyway, the key point is that I’m not taking any of this as defeat or even something negative. Not working in the garden so much has allowed me to spend more time thinking, thus returning to blogging more often. I always blog in spurs, but I am going to do it more often, for a number of reasons:

  1. I have gotten a few followers, and it motivates me, as well as the likes.
  2. Writing things down is good for clearing stuff up and finding answers within yourself. I suppose you could see it like a daily cleaning of the mind, or maintenance. 
  3. It will take me closer to my goals of inspiring, motivating and guiding many people to a happy life.

Writing does clear things up. The last point was something I hadn’t really put concretely like that. I mean, I’ve always known I want to inspire people and all that, but I don’t think I’ve given much thought to the end goal of it. The why. Why do I want to inspire them? What is it I want to achieve?

In short, I think I want to help people live their best life. Guide them to bravely take a step into the unknown, where they can find their bliss. Motivate them through times of confusion and despair

My roles have also gotten more defined lately, to myself. Previously, I always searched for the one ultimate role for me, but I’m starting to be ok with having several different ones.

The following are my current roles, as well as what I aspire to be:

*Secondary aspiration = I can’t strive for it directly, because need to first achieve general and monetary success.

Motivation is a tricky thing to teach. It’s like a post-it note that falls off after a while, and the message is forgotten unless you put a new post-it note there. I get really motivated from listening to certain people, whether it’s talks or books, but that motivation doesn’t stick unless I come back the next day to listen more.

How do you teach others Motivation? You help them find their purpose in life, or a deep reason for doing things. Then they find their own motivation. Although, I’ve found mine, and still don’t get motivated unless I’m reminded. 

As previously mentioned, follows and likes motivate me. In farming, seeing things grow motivates me. Seeing my ducks happy motivates me to get up in the morning despite only 4 hours of sleep. A mysterious force motivates me to write this blog post instead of going back to sleep. What did these books do to me??

I have reached a total of 17 followers on tiktok, after only 2.5 days. I’m amazed, as my social media accounts never usually sprout to life like this. At this rate, I’ll be in the 100s soon.

Even though I started my duck accounts to fund my duck hobby, that’s not the only reason. I want people to see my ducks and find a peace of mind, like I do. When I think about how many hundreds of people my ducks have brought joy to, I feel happy and proud. They’re so small and have no idea of their amazing power.

I believe in the cuteness of my ducks, so I know there’s potential for success in the duck social media field, as long as I’m innovative. So far, I haven’t tried to be innovative, though.

Later the same day…

An innovative idea has been born! Not by me, but close enough! For now, the idea will be secret, but I’m very excited about it! Although it will take a long time. But I have patience for things worth waiting for.

Tomorrow I will write about self discipline and life goals.

Also, I got my first sponsor on Instagram! With only 3 followers, I’m not sure how I qualified, but I said yes. (Link above)

To tie everything together: Things didn’t go as planned, but I adjust and alter my plans. I don’t give up, I learn.

Thank you for reading, and don’t forget to check out a duck video or two (it’ll bring a smile to your face, 100% guaranteed).

Jocelin Dawn 

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