Self-Discipline, Is It Necessary?

 It’s a bit contradictory to talk about self-discipline, as I lay here in bed, awake at 2 am. But I’d like to give it a go anyway. 

(Song I’m listening to:)

First of all, is self-discipline really the secret to success? Is it really the key to wealth? 

There is only one way to find out – trying. That’s one of the reasons why I’ve been blogging every day for the past few days. Yes, I have a very impressive 4 day streak! Mastering self-discipline, check! Jkjk.

For real though, I’ve decided to blog every day for 77 days and see what happens. How will it contribute to my life? 

I’m a very emotionally driven person. That’s an undeniable fact. A pisces moon, with a heavily water-influenced birth chart. Could I really be anything else? 

My way is to go with the flow. But I suppose nothing has more direction than the flow of a river. Below the surface, there may be spirals and turns that seem chaotic and random, but the direction is always the same. The end goal is always the same, unless there are external changes that keep it from  getting there. But even then, the flow just changes direction and moves on steadily.

Is it better to learn self-discipline, or to follow the type of intuition that comes naturally to me?

I’ve always been a quitter, but almost never regret my decisions – they take me to the right places. If it wasn’t for all the times I’d quit, I wouldn’t be where I am now. And I’m happy, for sure.

Although I don’t refer to myself as a free spirit anymore, like I used to, perhaps the spirit in me does want to unlock the chains that bind it, free itself from all the captivity. 

But is removing the chains the right thing? Of course it is… but which chains are the right ones to remove? Which “chains” are actually chains, and which ones are mistaken as them, but in reality are bonds, the breaking of which would end with a broken and pierced soul?

It’s not easy to know, but here’s a couple of things I want to let go of:

  • Pain*
  • Secrets
  • What else?

*I suffer pain quite often, but feel that it might be partially psychological. So, I want to let go of my absurd need to seek out pain.

I would love to let go of secrets. It would be so much easier without them, however intriguing. 

Being an adult isn’t easy. Being committed is both restraining and reassuring. 

Why do I long so much for freedom, when I love where I’m at? Is it human nature or something else?

It’s something deep down inside me that needs to be addressed. It needs to be identified and fixed, because that’s where the root of the problem lies.

Always treat the root. Don’t be impulsive.

I guess that’s a form of self-discipline. But it shouldn’t need to be applied. Things should come naturally, or be manipulated in a way that transforms it into something natural. 

Wanting something doesn’t always mean you want that thing. I know that. I know that the problem lies in me. As mentioned above… but I felt the need to repeat it.

Don’t give up on the amazing things you have for momentary desires or curiosity. Don’t mistake a desire to break the status quo as something else.

Status quo. Maybe that’s where it lies. It’s hard to combine it with excitement. But, the excitement you feel now will eventually wear off as well. It will.

Things that begin with excitement aren’t necessarily going to be good things. The best ones start with calm.

I know what I really want though. That has never changed. Ever.

Give things a distance, and they will usually clear up on their own (mentally).


Last night, I was surprised to find out that one of the videos on my new YouTube channel has over 1k views, while most are at 0! This is the video:

With some self-discipline, I could definitely get my ducks viral and loved. They are lovable. The self-discipline in this case will take the shape of uploading videos regularly, filming videos regularly. At the moment, it’s fun and new, but will that fun wear off? We’ll find out. If it does, I will still do it. Why? Because I believe in my ducks.

I’ve noticed that it’s much easier to believe in others, than it is to believe in yourself. For me, it’s probably because I haven’t found anything particularly outstanding about me. That can be changed though, and will. In a few years, I will have become an outstanding person, and then I will help others do the same.

As for my farm business, self-discipline is more needed. Not only for the farming itself, but for the business side of things. Finances, marketing, sales… things I’ve never really given much thought to, at least not in a detailed manner.

Planning is something I need to learn too, and the more meticulous, the better. Never been a meticulous person. Numbers seem very important in this game, if not the most important thing. Spreadsheets… I still don’t get how to do them, because I began to watch a tutorial and stopped halfway through. I’ll get back to it.

I said in a previous post that I’ve read many books, and although they do me good, I’m starting to wonder if reading them isn’t actually procrastination. Learning finances would probably be a better use of my time.

Other ways I can practice self-discipline is by pushing myself to improve. Getting better at making videos could be one thing. But I always do these things naturally, so I’m not sure whether actively and consciously practicing self-discipline will make any difference. It probably will.

My biggest issue is quitting things after a while, and while I don’t regret it, I have now found something I don’t want to quit. I feel like the drive to keep doing things and striving for success will produce natural self-discipline, though. I don’t know about you, but when I’m into something, I do a pretty good job at obsessing about it and not needing much conscious discipline. It would probably improve my results though.

Perhaps I could apply it to customer relationships. Making sure I have them, despite not being a people person. Luckily, I’ve been acquainted with a person who I think could be beneficial to me and my business. Of course, I will strive for it to be something mutually beneficial. It’s strange where fate takes you.

Has fate taken you anywhere interesting lately? Stop and think, and you might find something. 

Fate should not be relied on entirely though. What use do fateful encounters have if you can’t utilize them?

So prepare yourself, do your homework. Learn the things you need to, to make your dreams and goals a reality. And don’t forget to be ambitious and strive high. According to my experience, the universe does give you what you need and want. Not always in the shape you expect, but is that important?

And if you end up turning down what it gives you, it still keeps giving more, as long as you keep striving for something. I feel like the universe likes people who both want things and are willing to make an effort. Those people, it helps. Take my word for it. If you can’t take my words for it, follow my blog and see for yourself!

Enough for now. Tomorrow I will write more about my dreams and ambitions, and figure out concrete plans for how to achieve what I want.

In the meantime, here’s a video of my cute ducks (if your mood isn’t 100, I demand you to click play!):

Jocelin Dawn

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