Be Yourself, Reflections

If you try to reel people in with something other than your true motive, they won’t stick around. Be honest. Even if it takes longer. Be you, for the long run.

I had a dream where me and someone else gathered a bunch of stereotypical nerds, the kind you see in movies, to do one thing or another with investing, but we told them something completely different (nothing weird, but don’t remember what it was). When they heard about the investment plan, they rapidly disappeared and we were left empty handed.

Lesson learned: Be yourself and be honest.

It’s the same in romantic relationships (and other relationships, but especially romantic); if you lie about who you are, chances are they fall for the lie, not the real you. So when the real you shows up, you’re doomed. That’s if it’s not based on innate chemistry, though, but not going to sidetrack on that…


I had already been thinking about the personality thing, which I mentioned in this post, but since learning more about marketing and customer relationships, I further realize how important it is.

There’s a time and place for being formal and correct, and it’s not in sales or marketing. Polite, yes. Overly friendly, yuck no. Those types are the worst. It’s gotta be a mix of friendliness and respectful distance. 

Your customer is not your friend. They can become, but please don’t start by acting as if you’ve known each other for years. That’s cringy and off-putting. Although I don’t think I’ve encountered the extremes of this type of behavior, any overt friendliness sends negative signals to me.

Friendly gestures, however, are welcome. Not personal favors, as that could be seen as invading on privacy, but small and thoughtful gifts, showing that you care about them as customers. Showing that you are willing to establish a friendship.

I don’t know why I’m talking about sales. I’ve been offered two sales jobs in my life, but turned them both down. Thus, no experience in it. Most of what I say is my own personal opinion, and some I’ve read in books.

Reflecting over recently setbacks

My market garden plan will be stalled for at least another season. It’s disappointing, but I’m looking ahead and thinking of solutions. 

Next season, if things aren’t ready yet, we’ll focus more on laying hens. Although we likely won’t be able to afford more than 200 or so, it’s more than 0. If it was up to me, I would get 50 hens right this instant. It would give me a small extra income. I shouldn’t say extra, because I have no income at the time being. I’ll push it more with the hens.

Aside from that, I’m thinking of expanding my duck business. Perhaps selling duck toys, as well as t-shirts and stuff. I would also love to sell predator-proof duck houses, as so many lose their ducks to predators.

Whatever happens, I will succeed! 

Do you have any setbacks that bring you down? Perhaps writing it down in a comment will help, or just for yourself. Writing is a powerful tool.

As is looking at cute ducklings, so here you go:

Jocelin Dawn

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